FlashDock multiport hub also adds 2TB of MacBook storage


Commotron FlashDock is on Kickstarter
FlashDock is small in size but big in storage capacity. And look at all those ports.
Photo: Commotron

FlashDock solves two limitations in Apple’s MacBooks. Not only does it bring an array of legacy ports to Apple laptops, this very portable USB-C hub includes up to 2TB of storage.

And it does so for less than the cost of building additional storage capacity into a macOS laptop.

Hack a broken iPhone memory chip into a USB thumbdrive


Put this iPhone memory chip into a USB drive

Screencap: Strange Parts

Scotty Allen loves to tinker. He followed up on his recent project manually expanding the storage capacity of his iPhone with a new trick: extracting an iPhone memory chip and converting it into a USB drive.

To be clear, Allen isn’t suggesting this is practical. Buying a USB drive is cheaper and vastly easier. But he sure seems to have fun doing it.

Move data between devices with this USB/Lightning thumb drive [Deals]


Expand and manage storage on your iOS devices with this MFi-certified drive
Expand and manage storage on your iOS devices with this MFi-certified drive .
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When it comes to storing important data, our iPhones have become just as critical as our computers. It’s easy enough to plug your phone into your desktop or laptop, but sometimes that isn’t an option. When you need to free up space on your phone while on the go, having an alternative way to store and transfer data is a big plus.

That’s what the iKlips Dual-Interface Drive does, offering 32 gigs of additional storage and an easy way to move data back and forth. Right now you can get one for just $55 at Cult of Mac Deals.