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This dandy dongle isn’t real but maybe it should be


USB-C dongle
Apple Dongle lets you connect with a good joke by Ryan Geraghty.
Photo: Ryan Geraghty

Dongles for this, dongles for that, USB-C dongles be damned. Product designer Ryan Geraghty feels your frustration and has created a concept designed to make Apple users laugh about their begrudged move to USB-C.

His idea of an Apple Dongle is “one elegant tapestry of connectivity” featuring 16 adapters into a single USB-C connector.

Here’s how Apple could bring MagSafe to USB-C


When Apple left off MagSafe connection to its USB-C MacBook, Griffin came up with a solution.
When Apple left off MagSafe connection to its USB-C MacBook, Griffin came up with a solution.
Photo: Griffin

Apple killed its awesome MagSafe power connection feature on the new MacBook Pro, but based on a new patent filing, the beloved port could be ready to make a comeback.

USB-C replaced MagSafe on the MacBook Pro because it can handle both power and data on a single port. It lacks the brilliant safety features of MagSafe. Hwever, it looks like Apple found a workaround similar to Griffin’s magnetic BreakSafe cables.

Adapt to the MacBook Pro with these USB-C docks and dongles


USB-C adaptors
An adaptor, like this hub from Satechi with a MacBook, will let you plug in your peripheral devices into the USB-C ports on the new MacBook Pro.
Photo: Satechi

Allow yourself to bask in the glow of a brighter screen and the multifunction Touch Bar. But when the high subsides and you’re ready to order the new MacBook Pro, you will need to deal with a slight inconvenience: all those USB-C ports.

But because Apple prepared us for the new industry standard last year when it introduced a single USB-C port on the 12-inch MacBook, accessories companies responded with loads of affordable adapters that allow users to plug in peripheral devices.