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How To Get All Of Your Photos Into Flickr And Forget Everpix Forever [How To]


Flickr can become the central home for all your photos.
Flickr can become the central home for all your photos.


After the recent Everpix shutdown, I moved all my photos to Flickr. If you read my roundup of Everpix alternatives, you’ll know that Flickr wasn’t my first choice, but it turns out that neither is it my only choice. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Everpix was great because it just sucked in all your photos, whether you kept them in iPhoto, on your iPhone, in a weird beardo folder structure on your Mac, or even if you took all of your photos using Instagram. It was far from perfect, but it was the best. And then it went away.

Upload Video From Your iPhone or iPad Photo Roll Directly To YouTube [iOS Tips]



I don’t take a lot of video with my iPhone, so I didn’t know about this tip until today. When looking to upload video to YouTube, I figured you’d have to transfer the video to your Mac, open up a web browser like Safari or Chrome, and use the YouTube website to upload it.

Not so, apparently, as there’s an easy Share to YouTube button in the Photos app that lets you send it directly from your iOS device. Here’s how to use it.

Upload Photos to Facebook Straight from Your Camera Roll with Jailbreak Tweak



A new jailbreak tweak that’s just hit Cydia allows users to upload photos to Facebook directly from the photo library on their iOS device without having to use a dedicated application. Native FB Upload allows you to select your photo and send it to Facebook just as easily as you can to MobileMe.

While the App Store is full of Facebook applications that allow you to upload photos, this $1.99 tweak from Tyler Nettleton (@InfectionX) cuts out the middle man. Once installed you can select a photo in your camera roll, or any other photo album, and tap the ‘export’ button in the bottom left that you’d usually use to send an image via MMS, email, or to MobileMe. You’ll have a new option to upload to Facebook.