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How to plan multi-stop routes in Apple Maps


Apple finally got there.
Get directions to three or four places at once — and get directions to dinner along the way in iOS 16.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Apple Maps had a rough start upon launch in 2012, but ten years of incremental improvements have changed the tides. Apple Maps is now a feature-rich service that is praised for its detail and accuracy. Not only is it a highly detailed portrayal of the world, its advanced navigation features make it easy to get around. Its public transit integration was a life saver when I was in California for WWDC just months ago.

Apple Maps gets an often-requested feature fulfilled this fall: true multi-stop routing and navigation features. You can plan three, four, fifteen stops of a journey if you want. Here’s how it works.

Apple Maps extends cycling directions to all 50 states


With the addition of Hawaii, now you can get turn-by-turn biking directions in all 50 states.
With the addition of Hawaii, now you can get turn-by-turn biking directions in all 50 states.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

If you ride a bike, now you can now get turn-by-turn navigation from Apple Maps in all 50 states. That’s because cycling directions recently arrived in Hawaii.

If you get rolling now, there’s just time to bike through the whole country in … never. Not gonna happen.

But it’s nice to know directions are available all over if you ever need them.

Apple Maps gets turn-by-turn navigation in another key market


Updated Apple Maps rolls out in Pacific Northwest and Midwest
Enjoy turn-by-turn navigation in India today.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Turn-by-turn navigation in Apple Maps has expanded its reach to one of Apple’s most important markets. Users in India can finally take advantage of the feature when driving or walking.

Apple has also added the ability to book a cab through Uber or Ola from within the Maps app.

Waze’s next-gen navigation cruises onto CarPlay


Waze CarPlay
The long wait for Waze on Apple's CarPlay in-dash system is over.
Photo: Waze

For too many years, the only navigation application for CarPlay users was Apple Maps. But iOS 12 changed that. Last week, CarPlay users got access to Google Maps. And now the rival Waze is an option.

This means that all three of the most popular turn-by-turn smartphone navigation titles can be used with Apple’s in-dash system.

Avoid road hazards and slowdowns with Waze [50 Essential iOS Apps #22]


Waze on iPhone in a car GPS mount
Waze provides clear turn-by-turn navigation and alerts you to potential hazards.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: Waze map and navigation All across the country (and the world), people depend on cars to get from place to place. Unfortunately, not knowing where traffic is slow, or where a police officer is hiding, can cause serious delays. The Waze navigation app takes out the guesswork.

It tells drivers where traffic, construction or the 5-0 might turn a drive into a total bummer. Better yet, the navigation app’s huge user base means real-time data that lets you change course to avoid slowdowns.

Apple ‘Aggressively’ Going After Google Maps Engineers To Fix Its New Maps Service [Report]


It could be some time before you can rely on Apple's new Maps app.
Apple is hoping Google Maps employees can help fix its new service.

Apple is said to be “aggressively” recruiting Google Maps employees in an effort to fix its highly criticized Maps service, according to an unnamed source “with connections on both teams.” The Cupertino company is reportedly using recruiters to attract individuals who have previously helped develop Google Maps, and many of them seem to be snapping up the opportunity to work at Apple.

Developer Gets Google Maps Working Under iOS 6 With ‘A Little Trickery’ [Video]


Google Maps is gone in iOS 6, but some users are desperate to get it back.
Google Maps is gone in iOS 6, but some users are desperate to get it back.

iOS jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has successfully gotten the old iOS Maps app, which was powered by Google and boasted features like Street View and walking directions, running under iOS 6. The port is said to be unstable at the moment, but it’s working, and with a little more work, it could be available in all its glory to users with jailbroken iOS devices.

Every Single Feature That Is New In iOS 6 [Mega-Guide]


iOS 6 drops today!

We’ve all been itching to get our hands on iOS 6 since it got its first unveiling at WWDC back in June, and today, three months after that announcement, the software finally gets its public debut. Apple’s packed a ton of new features into this update, including some major new features like Map and Passbook, plus some enhancements to existing apps and features, such as new Siri capabilities and a VIP inbox in Mail.

Apple’s been promoting some of these features on its website, but there are tons you may not have heard about. With that said, here’s your comprehensive guide to everything that’s new in iOS 6.