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Navy SEALS doc The Line ducks the big questions about war [Apple TV+ review]


The Line review: Retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher confesses in The Line, and it's chilling.
Retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher confesses in The Line, and it's chilling.
Photo: Apple TV+

When Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher was slapped with war crimes charges in 2018, the allegations made a public spectacle of the inexcusable, overzealous violence that had been a staple of U.S. military intervention in Iraq since the first years of the invasion post-9/11.

What followed brought the wrong kind of attention to military operations at a time when the United States needed to sell its continuing involvement in Iraq. In new Apple TV+ series The Line, directors Jeff Zimbalist and Doug Shultz adapt the podcast of the same name as a four-part documentary.

In it, we hear testimony from everyone who felt comfortable stepping forward to talk about really happened in Mosul, where Gallagher led a sniper team and committed acts that shocked his fellow war fighters. And yet the filmmakers ultimately fail to ask the questions that really matter.

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Apple debuts war crimes podcast The Line


The Line
There's a line. And on this side of it, people listen to Apple Podcasts.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s foray into podcasting continues with a new series called The Line that debuted Tuesday.

The podcast, which follows the true-crime blueprint successfully laid out by Serial, tells the story of former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was accused of war crimes. The first two episodes are now available to listen to.