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Find the best text-editing program for your coding project


UltraEdit: A good text editing program is crucial to working with code.
A good text editing program is crucial to working with code.
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This text editor post is presented by UltraEdit. 

Whether you’re a blogger, a web editor or a software developer, automatic formatting can mess with your writing. That’s why you need a text editor, which is similar to a word processing program but lets you work with nothing but plain text and symbols.

If you write code, a text editor is the most important thing to have (after expertise in your coding language, of course). That’s true whether you use HTML or a more complex and powerful tool, like C++ or Python. But how do you pick a suitable text editor?

Drafts 5 for iOS goes free, adds fantastic pro features


Drafts 5
Drafts is the best way to get text out of your head.
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Drafts 5 has launched, the sequel to Drafts 4, and you may be a little confused as too what it actually new. Should you upgrade, for example? After all, it’s just the same old note-creating app with a lick of paint, right? Well, the definitive answer to that is “Hmmm, kinda…” While Drafts 5 doesn’t get many big new features, it has been completely redesigned. It looks better, works better, and the settings are way less confusing.

Oh, and you can finally use it as your only notes app, without feeling like you’re doing something dirty.

Textor is the missing TextEdit for iOS [Review]


Textor is like TextEdit for iOS.
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On the Mac, you can quickly open up and edit any text file using TextEdit. And while there are a ton of great text-editing apps on the iPad and iPhone, none of them is quite as simple as the Mac’s built-in app. Until now, anyway: Textor combines the iOS 11 Files app with an ultra-simple text editor, making it possibly the quickest and easiest way to quickly view, edit and even create new text files on an iPhone or iPad.

Best text editor apps for Mac OS X [Reviews]


Text editor apps are an important part of any writer's workflow. These are currently the top candidates for Mac owners.
Text editor apps are an important part of any writer's workflow. These are currently the top candidates for Mac owners.
Photo: Alejandro Escamilla/Unsplash

app-factor-logo-thumbnailOne thing I do on my Mac more than anything else is write. On average I write about 10,000 words a week, and some weeks, I double that. And that isn’t even counting email and other kinds of communication. That’s why a great text editor app is imperative to my every day workflow. Without it, I couldn’t do my job.

Editorial For iPad Might Just Be The Best Text Editor On Any Platform



Editorial might just make you ditch your computer altogether as a writing machine. It’s a new iPad text editor from Ole Zorn, the man behind the incredible Pythonista app (Editorial actually features a built-in Python editor). Editorial could just be used as a really polished, really well-designed text editor, but it also has customizable, Automator-style workflows that let you do pretty much anything with the text you have in the app.

Calca, Like A Plain-Text Markdown Editor For Math



Roll up roll up roll up folks, and get ready for the Nerd-o-Rama. In today’s edition we bring you Calca, a “text editor for engineers.” Imagine that somebody took Soulver and Markdown and left them together in a survival pod for nine or ten months with lots of booze and no contraceptives, and — eventually — you’d get Calca.

Ulysses 3 Lands In The App Store With $20 Introductory Price Tag



Ulysses 3, the awesome next-generation text editor from the Soulmen, has just landed in the Mac App Store. It's $20 for a week, going up to $40 after that, and is worth every damn penny. And lest you think I'm some pussy-assed blogger who gets everything for free, I'm not. I just dropped my $20 like everyone else. And this is despite the fact that, so Killian tells me, I have a quote right there on the MAS page.

MyEditor, An iOS Text Editor With Clipboard History, Background Copy And A Face You’ll Want To Punch



MyEditor is another iOS text editor. It works with iCloud, it’ll export to Dropbox, yadda yadda yadda. But this one has a couple of very neat features that might just be enough to make you forget the plain and frankly ugly user interface. It has a clipboard history, it can capture your clipboard whilst in the background, and it can run your text through Javascript, uh, scripts.

FioWriter Text Editor Brings Command, Option And Control Keyboard Shortcuts To iPad



FioWriter is yet another new iPad text editor, but with one huge difference: it has Command, Option and Control keys right there on the keyboard.

What’s more, they work as they should: hold down the modifier and hit a key to execute a command. For instance, press Cmd-F (for “find”) and a search box pops up over the keyboard. And that’s not it. Not even close.

Final Draft Writer For iPad


Now you can write properly-formatted scripts on your iPad.

Final Draft is the Microsoft Word of the screenplay world: users hate it, but it’s the industry standard, and if you don’t submit your draft/edits in .FDX format, you’re about as popular as Ben Stiller after an award acceptance speech.

Still, in the same way that we all want Word on the iPad, we all want Final Draft Writer on the iPad too. And while it has been a coupleof years in the making, FD is now on iOS.

Beautiful iAWriter Becomes The Latest Victim Of A Mutant App Store Clone


Don't be fooled by this horrible knockoff that costs more than the real thing.
Don't be fooled by this horrible knockoff (left) that costs more than the real thing.

There’s no denying that Apple’s App Store is the best source for smartphone and tablet apps, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why users continue to purchase iOS devices. But it does have its flaws, among them the select few developers who find it much easier to shamelessly clone existing apps rather than creating their own.

The latest is a word processor called Writing, which is identical to the wonderful iA Writer.

Almost Every iOS Text Editor Compared


No, it's too small to read here. Don't even try it
No, it's too small to read here. Don't even try it

There are more iOS text editors in the App Store than there are stupid giant-screen iPhone rumors “sourced” by Digitimes. And this makes it impossible to choose. Does Elements support iCloud? Does Readdle Docs play nice with TextExpander? And have you ever even heard of FastEver XL? The answer to all these questions, plus many you didn’t even think to ask, are in Brett Terpstra’s exhaustive, crowd-sourced iOS Text Editor roundup.