Kodiak For iPad: Write And Execute PHP Code Offline


Proper PHP programming on the iPad.



Kodiak is a PHP editor for the iPad, with one big difference: it can run your code offline. And they said the iPad is only for media “consumption.”

The app is a fancy text editor, which means that the design and implementation of that editing is very important. And it looks like the Kodiak team has pulled this off. The first thing you notice is the keyboard. Above the regular QWERTY is the now-familiar extra row. This one is inspired by the keyboard in Textastic, with each key capable of typing several symbols depending on which way you swipe after hitting it.

And in the middle of these is the Navigation Key, or virtual nubbin, used to move the cursor around and highlight your code.

And speaking of code, the editor provides syntax highlighting, and several PHP extensions (including bcmath, iconv, json, libxml, PDO, sqlite and more). You also get a tabbed interface to keep several files open at once, and a full-featured file browser.

It looks great for programmers, and being able to write and test your code in the same app is sure to be a killer feature. And for writers? MarkDown support is coming soon, as is support for other programming languages. The demise of the Mac might be closer than we think. $10.

Kodiak PHP


  • trrosen

    I think talk of the demise of the Mac is way premature. We still have no way to analyze web pages on the iPad. There are a few browsers that let you view source but web devs need to be able to examine the elements as we do with Chrome’s dev tools or certain Firefox extendtions. Then there is the fact that there is no way to create simple graphics on the iPad. Need to create a 5x200px png with a gradient on an iPad? Can’t be done yet. I have found one graphic app that allows you to create custom size graphics but it only saves as PDF and has no real paint tools. Please someone make and app for creating small graphics and widgets so we can really create a web page on the iPad.

  • urkle

    Demise of Mac just isn’t happening.. Sure Kodiak allows you to write PHP code on the iPad, but you can’t send/receive that written code to any other device or computer. (No file synchornization/FTP or dropbox support).. Why? Because of Apple’s restrictions. “an interpreter may not execute downloaded code, only code provided with the application or entered by the user”..

  • iPodize

    @trrosen There is ArtStudio, its screenshots make it look like just another painting app but it does layers (with transparency) and gradients as well, and it can export to JPG, PNG and a layered PSD (which can then be opened in other apps, put on the clipboard, emailed or put in iTunes File Sharing)! I use it a lot, and it works great when I just need to make a quick graphic…