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WriteRight Text Editor Offers Up Synonyms And Antonyms In Spanish And English



WriteRight is an iPad writing app that helps you with your, uh… words and stops you having to just use the same… mmm… words… Over and over. Instead of struggling to come up with alternative words to the word “word” all the time, you just ask WriteRight for “synonyms, antonyms and phraseology.”


WriteRight is less a text editor and more a word-wrangling tool, and it works in English and Spanish. Tap a word to view a list of antonyms or synonyms in a popover, and just tap to replace the current word with a better one.

The app really shines in Spanish, as it conjugates the new words and phrases for you, “matching gender and number, person and tense.” So you don’t have to dick around changing the gender of the article and adjectives just becasue you switched out a feminine noun for a masculine one. This is super cool, and while it’s useful for a native Spanish speaker it’s even better for Johnny Foreigner like me.

It’s not just clever verbal gymnastics and semantic somersaults though. WrightRight is actually a great writing app in its own right, allowing you to quickly add bold and italic type, bulleted and numbered lists and more, all from an extra keyboard row, as well as quick Markdown links and common punctuation marks.

Yes, Markdown. It wouldn’t be a proper iOS text editor without it. The app can also save your work to iCloud or Dropbox, show Markdown previews, change font size by pinching, find and replace text and color-code your folders making them easier to sort and find.

All this for the ridiculously low price of $3. Hell, it’s worth it for the beautifully clean interface alone.

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