MyEditor, An iOS Text Editor With Clipboard History, Background Copy And A Face You’ll Want To Punch



MyEditor is another iOS text editor. It works with iCloud, it’ll export to Dropbox, yadda yadda yadda. But this one has a couple of very neat features that might just be enough to make you forget the plain and frankly ugly user interface. It has a clipboard history, it can capture your clipboard whilst in the background, and it can run your text through Javascript, uh, scripts.

Lets get the UI out of the way first. It’s plain as hell. Some might like that, but I don’t. The document list is full-width and has a tiny font. The editor has (it seems to me) no way to change the font or colors. And the toolbar buttons are both tiny and have spidery, unintuitive icons.

But the functionality is good. You can tag your articles and then search on those tags. You can also search the contents of all your documents (supposedly, anyway. I couldn’t get it to work) and share your files with pretty much any app, and even choose which text encoding to use.

The real draw, though, is the clipboard. iOS had no way to access anything but the latest clipboard entry. MyEditor has a clipboard history which you can access by tapping the little clock icon in the toolbar. This brings up a standard dialog box with your latest entries in there. The app can also keep running for ten minutes in the background, capturing the clipboard as you copy from other apps.

This is useful. You can use it to collect a list of links, of quotes, of anything you like. Then, back in the spartan surroundings of MyEditor you can compile them into one, and edit them as you like. Even if you hate writing in the app (which so far I do), the clipboard is going to find uses pretty often.

The other neat trick comes from the developer’s sister app, MyScripts. It is a Javascript app which will run scripts on your text. Select a chunk of prose in MyEditor, hit the little lightning icon and you’ll be whisked off to the app where you can convert from Markdown to HTML, or get a wordcount, or pretty much anything else you can do with Javascript. The app can also be called from other apps using URL schemes.

The price for MyEditor is $4, which seems fine for what it does. What I’d really like is to see a clipboard history in some of my favorite apps. (Writing Kit, I’m looking at you!) MyScripts has a free version and paid one, but frankly the free one is so annoying I didn’t even look at the paid version. Available now.

Source: Unit Kay