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Trump’s aluminum tariffs could drive up Mac and iPhone prices


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Anyone who taxes aluminum is no friend of Jony Ive's, you'd imagine!
Photo: Apple

President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on imported aluminum and steel could hit Apple, which is a big user of both, where it hurts.

And if it’s anything like other times that Apple has been slapped with increased import duties, that could translate to increased prices for customers.

Why a ceramic iPhone 8 might be the ultimate iPhone


Apple Watch Edition
iPhone 8 could look this good.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s switch to ceramic for Apple Watch Edition could mean big things for iPhone 8. Being four times harder than stainless steel and a darn sight prettier, ceramic would be an ideal material for the next generation of iPhone unibodies.

Recent rumors have promised Apple will deliver a major redesign next year to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, and what better way to do that than with a new material that’s better than anything Apple’s used before?

Timbre Speakers Are Old-School Beautiful



Ever wanted a pair of speakers that look like old-school toasters? (And I mean old-school: the kind of toaster that had bare, easy-to-touch elements and metal sides that were more likely to burn your hands than burn the toast.

Well, reader-with-oddly-specific-desires, we have you covered. For the Timbre Speakers are just what you’re looking for.

The New Maclocks MacBook Pro Security Case Helps You Say Goodbye To The Kensington Lock


Add a security lock to your new MacBook Pro to ensure it isn't a target for coffee shop conmen.
Add a security lock to your new MacBook Pro to ensure it isn't an easy target for coffee shop con men.

In an effort to create the thinnest, lightest MacBook Pro it has ever released, Apple did away with a number of features that MacBook Pro users have become accustomed to, including the Kensington security lock. That means, of course, that you can no longer secure your $2,800 notebook to a table in Starbucks, and that it could easily be stolen from right under your nose the second you get up to order another cappuccino.

But Maclocks has a solution: the world’s first MacBook Pro security case and lock.

World’s Heaviest iPhone Case Can Stop A Bullet From a Desert Eagle


This iPhone case weighs 4.6 pounds and will stop a 50-caliber bullet
This iPhone case weighs 4.6 pounds and will stop a 50-caliber bullet

This is the world’s biggest and heaviest iPhone case. How big and heavy? Well, it’s chunky enough to stop any door in your home from closing, and heavy enough (2.1 kilos) to cause serious damage if hurled into an enemy’s face. In fact, the seller – Marudai – warns that “Serious injury and will certainly drop on top of the foot”. Ouch.