8 easy ways to speed up your Mac


Slow Mac
Get your Mac back up to speed with these handy tips!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We all know a Mac is the best computer. It’s the most reliable, the least fuss and usually the most snappy. But, as with all computers, the trusty Macintosh can also become sluggish after a while.

In today’s Cult of Mac video, we’re going to show you eight easy, useful tips to speed up your Mac.

Give your Mac a speed boost with this quick tip



It’s totally irritating when you’re using your Mac and it slows down all of a sudden. While your computer is obviously doing what you’re focusing on, it can also be working hard on pointless tasks running in the background. In today’s how-to video, find out how to stop this and speed up your Mac in no time.