Southwest Airlines customers can now pay with Apple Pay


Southwest Airlines app
Another way to make your journey a bit easier.
Photo: Southwest Airlines

Apple Pay users flying Southwest Airlines can now use Apple’s mobile payments service for their travels. Customers can use Apple Pay to pay for tickets as well as ancillary services, such as meals, during flights.

“Providing modern digital payment solutions to our Customers is critical,” said Christopher Priebe of Southwest Airlines. “The launch of Apple Pay enhances our ability to sell flights, as well as ancillary products using one of the most widely-used digital wallets in North America.”

The dangerous reason you still can’t make in-flight phone calls


Boeing 777
A known hazard from using a cell phone on a flight will — at long last — be removed by the end of 2019.
Photo: Boeing

Dozens of airplanes still have equipment subject to cellular phone interference. This is one of the reasons why iPhones and Androids have to be in airplane mode during flight. Fortunately, this danger will soon go away. The best-known cockpit system to have problems with cellular radios has to be replaced before the end of 2019.

Does that mean in-flight phone calls will become part of travel?

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on a plane


Galaxy Note 7 water wet
Galaxy Note 7 owners should keep a bucket of water nearby, just in case.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Southwest Airlines was forced to evacuate a flight from Louisville to Baltimore this morning before it hit the runway, thanks to a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that caught fire.

Explosive Note 7 units have been reported around the globe thanks to faulty lithium-ion batteries. In this instance though, the Galaxy Note 7 in question was a replacement unit that the owner received after Samsung issued its global recall.

Southwest Airlines adds free Beats Music to in-flight entertainment


Beats is providing free music on all Southwest Airlines flights Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr
Beats is providing free music on all Southwest Airlines flights Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

Southwest Airlines can’t guarantee you’ll get the seat you want on your next flight, but starting this week you’ll be slightly more entertained wherever you end up, as the airline is introducing free Beats Music streaming on flights.

Beginning today, Southwest will provide all WiFi-enabled aircraft with a custom curated Beats Music experience that’s free for all flyers.

Southwest Airlines app adds mobile boarding pass support in 28 airports



Given the extra security you find at airports these days, we’re grateful for anything that makes the experience of checking in and boarding your flight that bit quicker and easier.

With that in mind, Southwest Airlines has just posted an update for its official iOS app, adding several notable improvements, including faster access to tools like the Checkin and Mobile Boarding Pass options, right from your home screen. There’s also info about your upcoming trip card on your homepage, which means that you can view information related to Flight Status, Boarding Position, and Gate Information more easily than ever.

Better yet, the app update coincides with support for mobile boarding passes being added at 28 airports around the United States — rather than just Austin, where the technology was previously trialed.