Flip Through Your Photo Screen Saver Like A Slideshow [OS X Tips]


One of my favorite screen saver images.
One of my favorite screen saver images.

Those photo screen saver modules that Apple includes with Mac OS X are gorgeous, right? With Aerial, Cosmos, National Geographic, and Nature Patterns on offer, the basic photo Screen Saver is just right to keep things pretty when you step away from your Mac for a moment or two. I’ve gotten tons of complements on the photos, and they’re just the default ones.

But sometimes I want to see the previous photo in a screensaver slide show. How do I do that without waiting for the whole rotation of photos to move through, just to see that one photo again?

Disable iPad Picture Frame Mode For Better Photo Security [iOS Tips]


Passcode Slideshow Options

Reader James G writes,

I use the iPad’s locking feature requiring a 4-digit pin. The problem I was worried about is that the default setting has a button allowing you to see photos without knowing the 4-digit pin.

With the dozens of login names & passwords I’m required to remember, I often take a screenshot whenever I’ve created a new login or changed my password. So some of my “photos” are part of what I want to protect. Until recently I hadn’t realized that by default the pin didn’t block looking at the pictures.

I had looked and not found a way to turn that off, but after writing to you discovered there is a way to do it.

So, as James found out, there is, in fact, a way to keep your photos private when using the passcode security on an iPad, but you have to disable the default slideshow option first.