These are the best games for reducing stress during lockdown


Sims, available on Mac and iOS, is rated the best stress reliever.
Photo: EA

A good video game is a great way to escape the COVID-19 pandemic and forget, just for a little while, about the nasty impact it’s having on the world. But which video games should you play? Which titles are proven to help?

A new study reveals the best games to play for reducing stress — and those that should be avoided if your primary goal is a positive, calming experience. We’ll highlight those you can enjoy on Mac and iOS.

Skyrim Looks Incredible On The New MacBook Pro’s Retina Display At 1920×1200


The new MacBook Pro is a beast for gaming.
The new MacBook Pro is a beast for gaming.

If, like me, you’re patiently awaiting the delivery of your new MacBook Pro and you’re wondering how well it’s going to play some of your games, check out its performance while running Skyrim at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 on “ultra settings,” with 8x anti-aliasing, and 8x anisotropic filtering.

I think you’ll agree it looks absolutely incredible.

All Of The Books In Skyrim Are Now Available As An E-Book To Read On Your iPhone, iPad Or Mac



If you are a gamer like me, chances are you’ve spent the last couple of weeks pretending to be a slight-of-build, slightly effeminate elf or oil-slathered beefcake of a Nord in Bethesda’s new epic RPG, Skyrim.

The game (which sadly isn’t available on OS X) is detailed to the point of absurdity, but here’s one of the details that most emphasizes exactly how epic in scope and minutely detailed Skyrim is: in Skyrim, there are hundreds of in-game books to be found, equalling thousands of pages of text total. And most players never read a single page of them, because who wants to sit around in a game and read when there are orcs to hit with a flaming hammer?

If you’ve got an iPad (or Kindle, or iPhone, or Mac), though, there’s no reason these beautifully written in-game texts need to languish in obscurity. Just download this ePub file and read all of Skyrim’s text on your device of choice, not in some grubby dungeon somewhere.