Tinder for Apple TV lets you find a date with a mate


Get your swipe on in front of everyone.
Photo: Tinder

Finding the love of your life on Tinder should be a very personal thing. But thanks to the new Tinder app for Apple TV, you can now enjoy the unsolicited opinions of friends and family while you get your swipe on in front of everyone.

Tinder for Apple TV puts potential matches on your big screen, and lets you swipe left or right on the touch-sensitive Siri Remote. We’re not sure why you’d want to do this on your TV, but it might be helpful if your iPhone dies and you desperately need a… date.

Tinder’s new ads make it clear that the app was designed to be used in front of everyone. If you’re dating luck has been dismal, at least it makes it easier for friends to vet potential partner candidates as you hunt for singletons in your area.

If you really want to use Tinder on your TV, you can download the new tvOS app now.