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STM Scout Tablet Bag: Tough as the Outback, More Pouches Than a Troop of Kangaroos [Review]



We reviwed the STM Velo earlier this year, in our first encounter with the Aussie-based outfitter, and came away with the distinct  impression that, wow, these guys really know how to make a great bag.

Our time with the STM Scout ($50), a tablet-specific, heavily-padded canvas satchel, proved that the outfit can make a sharp-looking protective bag for your Thrive, Galaxy Tab or iPad too — though it didn’t blow us away like the Velo did.

STM Velo Laptop Bag: The Aussies Really Love Your MacBook [Review]



Bag-maker STM hails from dehn undah (if you think my Aussie impression sounds bad here, well, it’s even worse in person), where they’re apparently pretty huge. They’re less well-known here in the States — but that’ll likely change thanks to a big marketing push and bags like the fantastic STM Velo ($100), a designed laptop bag stuffed with unusually clever features.