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iPhone 5 Shipping Delay Improves Again, Now Stands At Just One Week


Order an iPhone 5 today and have it shipped by next Monday.
Order an iPhone 5 today and have it shipped by next Monday.

The shipping delay for Apple iPhone 5 has been steadily dropping over the past few weeks, and today it reached an all-time low of just one week. At least, that’s the case if you live in Australia. Estimates for other regions — including the United States — are still at two weeks, but we’re expecting those to drop soon, too.

Deliveries Status App: Superb, No More Shipping Headaches [Review]


Like Mike Elgan, I'm a big fan of Kuhl's duds.

As a gadget reviewer, I go through a lot of shipped packages. Which means I have to deal with a logistical nightmare second only to the Allied supply lines following the D-Day landings (except my packages tend to be, for the most part, somewhat less liable to explode or cause diarrhea). But that’s OK — I have a secret weapon to help keep everything straight.

Junecloud‘s Deliveries Status ($5) tracks shipments in a wonderfully simple, easy-to-read, straightforward manner; and like many of Apple’s own products, it just works.

New MacBook Air Shipments Have Already Reached 500,000 Units [Report]



Apple’s latest MacBook Air is set to be yet another huge success for the company, with half a million units of the new ultraportable having already shipped from the supply chain during June, according to a new report. This volume is expected to “remain strong” throughout July and August, and could see at least 1.5 million units shipped before the end of the September quarter.

iPad 2 Orders Now Taking 3-4 Weeks to Ship Through Apple Online Store



If you weren’t fortunate enough to order your iPad 2 through the Apple online store yesterday, you may want to try third-party suppliers and Apple specialists if you want one anytime soon, as shipping time for the second-generation tablet has today increased to 3-4 weeks through Apple.

When the iPad 2 launched yesterday, shipping times started at 3-4 days. They then increased to 5-7 days shortly afterwards, before rising again to 2-3 weeks. Now you could face a month-long wait for that skinny new Apple tablet, while the company seems to be struggling with demand once again.

It hasn’t yet been revealed by Apple how many iPad 2s it sold on launch day, however, industry analysts have predicted that a staggering 600,000 of the devices will be sold during its first weekend. Supply shortages across Apple retails stores, third-party resellers, and now the Apple online store, certainly strengthen these predictions.

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