Qualcomm demands ITC ban iPhones powered by Intel


iPhone 6s teardown
The 2017 iPhones are all getting big internal upgrades.
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The ongoing fight between Apple and Qualcomm could result in an import ban on all new iPhones powered by Intel.

Qualcomm requested today that the U.S. International Trade Commission place a “limited exclusion order” on all iPhones that use Intel’s 4G wireless modem. iPhones powered by Qualcomm’s chip would be excluded from the ban.

San Diego Schools Spend $15 Million On 26,000 iPads For Kids


The iPad has proven to be a popular education tool among students.
The iPad has proven to be a popular education tool among students.

San Diego’s Unified Schools District has spent $15 million on almost 26,000 iPads that will be distributed across 340 classrooms this fall in what is reportedly one of the largest educational iPad purchases to date. The devices will be used by fifth- and eighth-grade students, in addition to some in high schools.

iPads Phasing Out Lab Computers at San Diego University [Apple in Education]


Apple in Education

At San Diego State University’s College of Engineering, the rapid asexual mitosis of comp sci students has engendered a problem: there are more students than lab computers.

The iPad to the rescue! By rebuilding its web server infrastructure to support virtual computing through Mobile Safari, almost all of the students at SDSU are able to do most of their work on the go, whether through the iPad, iPhone or Android (boo).