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Samsung Galaxy S8 battery looks awfully familiar


Hopefully Samsung's disastrous Note 7 battery incident won't be repeated.
Photo: iFixit

Many people thought Samsung might opt for a dramatically different design for its Galaxy S8-series smartphones, after the blowback from its notorious Note 7 smartphone, which had to be recalled due to a major battery fault.

However, it seems the South Korean tech giant is very confident that it was a manufacturing quality assurance issue because, as a handset teardown from our friends at iFixit shows that Samsung has changed virtually nothing for its new premium handset.

Weird and wacky Apple gadgets that time forgot, on The CultCast


Apple TimeBand: great-great-grandfather of the Apple Watch.
Apple TimeBand: great-great-grandfather of the Apple Watch.
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: The weird and wacky Apple products Cupertino hopes you’ve forgotten! Well, we haven’t, Tim. Plus: The best new features in iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4; rumor mills say Apple might resurrect the PowerBook; iPhone 8 rumors point to a backside Touch ID sensor; and the inspirations for Steve Jobs’ best one-liners.

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Galaxy S8’s facial recognition can be fooled by a photo


Galaxy S8 in hand
Galaxy S8's facial recognition is just a bit of fun, apparently.
Photo: Samsung

Facial recognition is one of the myriad new features of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but only one a couple of days after the phone’s announcement, Samsung’s latest security method seems… well, a little bit unsecure.

Already a video has appeared online showing the phone being unlocked with a picture, while according to industry sources it’s a feature that’s designed to be no more than a bit of fun. Because security’s no fun, apparently.

Galaxy S8 could use same battery supplier as explosive Note 7


Galaxy Note 7 that exploded while charging.
The Note 7 was one of last year's big debacles.
Photo: Mr NiBaidu

Samsung threw away millions of dollars and took a hefty PR hit thanks to its exploding Galaxy Note 7, which it wound up recalling at great cost last year.

However, it seems that Samsung’s not ready to give up on the controversial batteries used in the smartphone, but will instead continue using Samsung SDI batteries for its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship device.