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Working with Windows files on a Mac has never been easier


NTFS for Mac
Why is it so difficult to work with Windows files on a Mac? It doesn't have to be!
Photo: Paragon Software Group

This post is brought to you by Paragon Software Group, maker of Paragon NTFS for Mac.

Mac and PC are like yin and yang, or oil and water — essentially similar yet significantly distinct. It’s not just a difference in personal computing preference: The two platforms are literally built not to communicate with one another.

Apple and Microsoft coded their operating systems using completely different languages for writing files to drives, HFS+ and NTFS respectively. OS X offers only limited support for files written to a Windows-formatted drive, whether an external hard drive, SSD or USB stick, which can mean major headaches if you’re living or working in a cross-platform world.

Run Windows on Mac easier than ever with new Parallels Desktop 12


Windows 10 on Mac
A performance boost in Parallels Desktop 12 means Windows 10 will run faster than ever on your Mac.
Screenshot: Parallels

Parallels Desktop, a go-to program for anybody wanting to run Windows on a Mac, just got more powerful and convenient to use. The Parallels Desktop 12 update, brings increased speed as well as a suite of handy new tools that simplify everyday tasks.

“This is the best Windows-on-Mac performance in the history of Parallels,” said John Uppendahl, Parallels’ vice president of communications, during a briefing about the new software, which will be available Thursday for subscribers and upgraders. (New users must wait until Aug. 23.)