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Get functional buttons back with $5 off this Apple TV-compatible remote


Navigate Apple TV like never before with this affordable button remote.
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Many Apple devices work splendidly right out of the box. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true for the Apple TV’s Siri Remote, which has a notoriously finicky learning curve, even after the company updated the controller for the Apple TV 4K.

Thankfully, as with all Apple devices, third-party accessories can help you get the most out of your streaming experience. For example, you can purchase this Function101 Button Remote for only $24.95 with code BUTTON5 for a limited time.

MaxStone Remote Connects Camera And iPhone By Bluetooth And IR



MaxStone is yet another way to trigger your camera from your iPhone, with all the usual timer and detection options to fire the camera’s shutter from afar. But this one takes a different approach to the hardware. Instead of running a cable from the iPhone to the camera, the MaxStone uses a combination of Bluetooth and IR.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sonos Ditches Hardware Remote In Favor Of Apps


Out with the old, in with the slightly-less-old
Out with the old, in with the slightly-less-old

Sonos is ditching its dedicated CR200 remote control in favor of mobile apps. According to Sonos boss John MacFarlane, this was the plan all along. Now, though, there are enough people with smartphones and tablets to finally make the hardware controller obsolete.

Get The VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control From Apple Stores Nationwide Now



One of the best accessories you can purchase for your new iPhone is a little device that allows you to control your television and other audio/visual gear from your smartphone. It means you don’t have to search around for that lost remote, get up to change the channel, or keep replacing the batteries in all the remotes already littering your home.

The VooMote Zapper combines a universal remote control with a well designed app that allows you to control all of your equipment in every room using nothing but your iOS device. And it’s available now at Apple retail stores nationwide.