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Add The Final Touch to Your Designs With Over 900 Hand-Drawn Icons [Deals]



This Cult of Mac Deals offer features a must-have set of icons for all your designing needs. With three different sets of icons available, you have the necessities to make any webpage unique and give that hand-drawn personal touch. The icons are available in 8 file formats, including vector source files, raster images in four sizes, icon font files and vector files for custom font rendering.

All the hand-drawn goodies are creatively doodled, which cannot be substituted by any filters or effects. Its a must have for every designer who wants to create a hand-drawn website, application, presentation or print media. And right now you can get this bundle for just $39!

Sunday Specials: Photography Gear And Icons Bundle [Deals]



As the week ends for many of us (and starts for others), Cult of Mac Deals has a couple of offers that look appealing in more ways than one.

First up is KICK: the Game-Changing Portable Lighting Studio. KICK provides smartphone-controlled studio quality lighting and effects that you can add to all your images and videos – and it fits in your pocket! The other offer is The Icojam Raster Icons Bundle, which features over 4,200 high quality icons for your design arsenal. KICK is going to cost you only $149 and the Icojam Raster Icons Bundle will run you just $35 – but both are available for only a limited time.

The One Killer Thing That iOS 6 Maps Is Very, Very Good At



If someone told you that iOS 6 Maps had one advantage over Google Maps, and that it was 80% more efficient in using data, you’d probably quip, “That’s because it’s 80% less accurate” then do an air drum roll and punctuate the whole thing with the sound of a cymbal crashing that you made with your mouth.

Joking aside, though, it’s true. iOS 6 Maps uses way less data than Google Maps, and it has nothing to do with accuracy, but with its beautiful new vector graphics.