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Every time a baby is born Apple sells two iPhones


Perspective can change everything.
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Four years ago Apple hit the milestone of selling more iPhones per day than babies born per day. Now, four years later, we wanted to revisit those statistics since iPhone sales have grown quite significantly since then. It turns out, with current sales numbers, Apple sells nearly two iPhones for every baby born.

The math works out like this: Apple sold a record total of 231.4 million iPhones in 2015. Divide that number by 365 days in a year to get 633,963 iPhones sold every single day. The UN estimates that there are 360,000 babies born every day across the world. So technically, that comes out to 1.76 iPhones for every one baby.

Panicking investors are missing a crucial Apple metric


Cook says that Apple is no tax dodger.
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Apple soothsayers have been predicting doom and gloom for the iPhone-maker ever since Tim Cook dropped the company’s Q1 2016 earnings. iPhone sales are projected to decline. The iPad is still struggling. And even the Mac is taking a drop.

This is the end for Apple according to some Wall Street crazies, but they’re missing a key metric in Apple’s earnings report that shows the company still has a lot of growing to do thanks to it’s huge install base.

Apple racks up largest quarterly profit in history


Apple's back on top again.
Apple's back on top again.
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Apple’s earnings for Q1 2016 have broken the world record for the most profit made by a company in one quarter.

With total revenue hitting $75.9 billion, Apple managed to rake in a record $18.48 billion in profit. The company managed to increase iPhone sales to 74.8 million despite predictions from Wall Street that the company would see decline. However, Apple did warn investors in its guidance that next quarter may be the the first time growth drops.

Despite missing on some numbers, Tim Cook praise Apple’s team calling Q1 2016 “Apple’s biggest quarter ever.”