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Myst-like The Room Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]


The Room

Evan loved it, which made us want to try it. And try The Room we did, finding it to be a gorgeous, brain-engaging, Myst-like exploration of the puzzle genre, with some amazing 3D mind-benders to solve.

Here’s our video showing us solving the third chapter; we’ve condensed it a bit so that you’ll still have to do your own puzzle solving, though.

Rovio Teases Amazing Alex With New Trailer, More Game Details



Announced in early May, Amazing Alex is Rovio’s first venture away from Angry Birds since the title became a huge hit on iOS many moons ago. Based on the company’s previous success in the mobile gaming space, we’re all itching to see how its next release turns out, but the new teaser trailer Rovio released today gives us very little to go on.

In addition to the 20-second clip, however, the Finnish firm has also announced some more details about the physics-based puzzler.