Court orders Apple to give widow access to late husband’s iPhone photos


court order iCloud access
Plan ahead so that family can access your iPhone photos if you die.
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A U.K. court ordered Apple to provide a widow access to her late husband’s iPhone photos, after a lengthy legal battle that ended Sunday when the woman and her daughter could finally look at the pictures.

Matt Thompson did not leave a will when he took his own life in 2015, and Apple makes clear that user accounts are non-transferable after death.

Google CEO takes a shot at tech giants which sell privacy as a ‘luxury’ product


A group called Google You Owe Us wants $1000 each after Google invaded their privacy
You guys, we think he was talking about Apple! (Maybe.)
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Google and Apple’s feud has cooled a lot in recent years. But like a married couple who are staying together until the kids are at college, neither company is beyond throwing a bit of undercover shade at the other.

Tim Cook has previously taken issue with tech giants which gobble up user data. Now Google CEO Sundar Pichai has taken to the New York Times to blast unnamed tech giants which sell privacy as a “luxury good.”

How Apple could turn personal data into a gold mine for the masses [Opinion]


Apple is the best on privacy, but it's still not close to what we need.
Apple is the best on privacy, but it's still not close to what we need.
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Apple should be building a data marketplace for its users, not raising fears about privacy. Privacy is about preventing the leakage of personal data and does nothing about the ownership and monetization of that data.

Individuals should be getting paid for their data directly, not the companies that collect that data. And that should be the focus of Apple’s efforts.

FCC tries to confirm carriers stopped selling phone location data


Apple Maps reservation OpenTable
You can’t escape your phone company tracking you, but the FCC can make them stop selling the information.
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The CEOs of the big four US wireless carriers were asked by an FCC commissioner whether they’ve stopped selling their customers’ real-time location data, as they had promised to do.

Published reports in recent months indicated that the locations of Americans were being sold without their permission of even knowledge.

Google enabling auto-delete of search and location history


Setting your Google account to automatically delete old information about you will soon be possible.
Setting your Google account to automatically delete old information about you will soon be possible.
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Everyone who uses Google services, whether on iPhone or Android, will soon be able to have some of the data being collected about them automatically erased after a span of time.

It’s already possible to order Google to erase everything it stores about your search history, but this new feature will allow for on-going deletion.


iOS 12's new Screen Time feature isn't a panacea for good parenting. Even small children can find workarounds.
Apple introduced its own Screen Time tools with iOS 12.
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Tim Cook warns government can’t save us from climate change


Tim Cook and Co. bring the hardware heat at The Brooklyn Academy of Music during the
Businesses need to step up to help fight climate change, per Tim Cook.
Photo: Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at the TIME 100 Summit in New York City today where he spoke about leadership and innovation.

Cook sat down with Time managing editor Nancy Gibbs who asked about everything from education to privacy policy. Of course, politics came up as well. While Cook refrained from talking about his conversations with Donald Trump, he did warn the crowd that some issues like global warming are too big for us to rely on the government to fix.

How to sanitize your Safari history on iOS


Here’s one piece of history we don’t want to erase.
Here’s one piece of history we don’t want to erase.
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Have you got some embarrassing entries in your Safari browsing history? Or maybe it’s a question of security: You don’t want your iPad’s history to fall into the wrong hands, etc.

Smutty jokes aside, there are plenty of legit reasons to clear your Safari history on your iPhone or iPad. And the good news is that Safari for iOS has some great tools for doing so. For example, did you know that you can clear just the last hour of browsing history, or the past couple of days?

Get ready to learn how to sanitize your Safari history on iOS devices.

ACLU says Apple employee was illegally harassed by U.S. Customs


Silk Labs
Andreas Gal is the founder of AI startup Silk Labs, acquired by Apple.
Photo: Silk Labs

An Apple employee was allegedly illegally harassed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) while passing through Customs. Andreas Gal, founder of Silk Labs, an AI startup acquired by Apple, says he was asked for the passwords to his Apple-issued phone and computer.

When he asked to speak with a lawyer, due to the contents being covered by a nondisclosure agreement, CBP officials reportedly refused. Instead, Gal was threatened with prosecution.

Apple video beards the hairy issue of web privacy


The Safari web browser won’t let sites track you
The Safari web browser won’t let sites track you, whether you’re a man or a boy.
Photo: Apple

Apple is again using humor to get across a serious message. Its latest video has a young man using his iPhone to answer a personal question, and assures him that he isn’t being tracked while he’s doing so.

Watch it now: