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If You Haven’t Tried Flowboard Yet, Today’s Big Update Provides An Excellent Reason


Took me about five minutes to make this. Video courtesy OfficialBestOf

This is Flowboard‘s second significant update since the app’s April launch, and like the first, brings meaty upgrades. In this case, the big news is that the app now gives you the ability to embed YouTube clips and PDFs in your digital publication, and thankfully adds a way to undo you last action.

Flowboard App Will Be The Most Important Free App You Download This Month [Daily Feebie]




That statement up there in the headline, that Flowboard will be “the most important free app you download this month” — that’s kind of a bold thing to say.

But it’s not hyperbole; Flowboard’s publishing tools are super-easy to use, letting you easily create electronic portfolios and presentations — heck, even magazines and eBooks — and the finished products, published on Flowboard’s site, are just as easy to share and view.

And if you rarely download anything, well, this may be the most important free app you download all year.

Apple & Google Go Head To Head For Kodak Patent Portfolio


Neither company has bid anything close to Kodak's $2.6 billion estimate.
Neither company has bid anything close to Kodak's $2.6 billion estimate.

Kodak is on the verge of bankruptcy, but in a final bid to raise some cash, the company is selling off its entire patent portfolio. The company believes it could fetch upwards of $2.6 billion, and Apple and Google are going head to head for them. However, neither company has submitted a bid anywhere near Kodak’s estimate.