The Simple Solution To Keep Any iPhone Cable From Fraying [Image]




Frayed charging cables are nasty, and they can shock you. Over the last couple days, there has been a lot of discussion on Reddit about the best solutions to keep Apple’s new Lightning cables from fraying.

Some people go to some crazy lengths to keep their cable’s in tip-top shape. One guy coils the end of his cables with a paperclip. Another redditor actually dips his Lightning cable in Plasti Dip. But my_clock_is_wrong has the best solution of all, grip the cable at the proper spots. It’s fool proof.


Source: Reddit

The Worst Possible Way To Protect Your MacBook From Scars [Image]



There are a couple of different ways to protect your MacBook from abuse, but this is a new one to us. A Reddit user decided that he was tired of the dings and scratches on the front of his 2008 MacBook, so he grabbed a can of Plasti-dip and gave it a nice plastic coating to cover everything up.

It’s either the most brilliant way to cover up your MacBook’s scars, or the absolute worst. We’re not sure. Plasti Dip was originally created to help people rubberize the grips of their tools, but people have started putting it on everything from car bumpers to pieces of art.

Once you’re tired of the plastic coating you can just peel it off, but we think a protective case would be a better idea so you don’t get plastic in your USB port.

Here’s what the MacBook looked like after its final Plasti Dip coating: