Draw a picture for your passcode with this jailbreak tweak


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You unlock your iPhone by either having it read your fingerprint or typing in a simple passcode. On Android, you unlock your device by drawing a pattern between a grid of dots.

But imagine being able to unlock your iPhone with art. Imagine painting a smiley face, or scrawling your signature, or heck, drawing a pornographic picture on your iPhone display and having it magically spring to life.

That’s just what a new jailbreak tweak lets you do.

These Are All The Things Your iPhone Replaces [Contest Winners]



Ever since the iPhone was released in 2007 it has slowly made a slew of other devices and accessories obsolete. At the very least, you probably have a bit less clutter in your life thanks to it.

To celebrate the utilitarian powers of the iPhone, for our latest contest we asked readers to Instagram the things their iPhone has made obsolete. Watches, camera, Gameboys, and even graphing calculators made the list. After some deliberation, we chose five winners who will get a free InstaThis 10-inch printing of their choice.

Here are all the winning entries for things your iPhone replaces:

Use The Volume Up Button To Take Photos With Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]


(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)
(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

This may be too basic of a tip for most of you, but there’s bound to be a few folks out there who haven’t heard this one. I ran into someone in real life (gasp!) the other day who hadn’t known that he could hold his iPhone in landscape mode, like a real point and shoot camera, and click the button now located in the upper right of the iPhone to take a photo.

It was like a light went on over his head as soon as he tried this. If you haven’t heard of this great way to take a snapshot, now’s the time to give it a try.

What The iPad Would Look Like If It Was Invented In 1935



The announcement of today’s new iPad with its retina display has undoubtedly propelled technology a few years into the future. The amount of features packed into the new iPad and its accompanying software is pretty mind blowing when you slow down and take a minute to think of our progress over the last 40 years. Mankind has been dreaming of such a device for over 75 years. In the April, 1935 issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics, this crazy contraption above was their dream version of the iPad.

Fan Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs With Amazing Haircut (updated)



Not all of us on the Cult of Mac staff walk around with an Apple logo shaved into the back of our head. Actually, none of us do because we value our furs too much. However, there are a few hardcore Apple fans out there that represent the cult with pride. Example #1: As pictured above, this fan had not one, but two iconic Apple images shaved into his hair to commemorate Steve – the famous portrait, as well as the silhouette of Steve’s face inside the Apple logo.