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Nice MacBook Pro, but it’s all about that cool hybrid-model canine [Setups]


The M1 MacBook Pro and Samsung ultra-wide display form the setup's core, but the canine unit at right is a crucial feature, too.
The M1 MacBook Pro and Samsung ultra-wide display form the setup's core, but the canine unit at right is a crucial feature, too.
Photo: E_Sini@Reddit.com

People love posting impressive photographs and descriptions of their computer setups online. And other people love either drooling over them or mercilessly criticizing them.

But no matter what technology appears — lets say a new-ish M1 MacBook Pro, a 4K wide-screen display, an excellent 4K webcam, rock-solid input devices and a reliable standing desk, as in today’s featured setup — it’s all forgotten if there’s a pet in the picture.

Last chance! Win an AirTag dog collar for worry-free adventure [Cult of Mac giveaway]


CollarTrek dog collar
The CollarTrek is a sturdy leather dog collar with a nifty AirTag pocket, ensuring your doggy is trackable.
Photo: CollarTrek

If you have a dog that runs away or just doesn’t listen, this week’s giveaway is for you. The CollarTrek dog collar securely holds an AirTag in place, making sure Fido’s location is easily trackable at all times.

Keep your dog safe and sound by entering this week’s giveaway. Enter and you could win one of four CollarTrek Leather AirTag dog collars.

Enough key rings, we need an AirTag pet collar


An AirTag pet collar is a product that’ll sell
Attaching an AirTag to a beloved pet makes at least as mucgh sense as putting an item tracker on your keys.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Bad news AirTag shoppers: there’s no hole in Apple’s item-tracker. You have to buy an add-on to attach it to anything. Accessory makers have rushed to put out key rings and luggage tags. But no one makes the item I want: an AirTag pet collar.

Newest Petcube offers improved pet cam, laser, treat tosser


Petcube Play 2 and Bites 2
Petcube Play 2 and Bites 2 let you do more than look at your furry friends.
Photo: Petcube

Ordinary pet cams just let you see your furry friends, but Petcube Play 2 also lets you play lasertag with Fluffy via your iPhone, while Petcube Bites 2 can fling treats to Rex.

Both just debuted exclusively on Amazon for Prime Day.

Fortnite season 6 kicks off with massive changes


Fortnite haunted castle
Visit the new haunted castle in Fortnite season 6.
Photo: Epic Games

It’s time to gear up for Fortnite season six.

The mammoth update, available today across all platforms, brings new areas to explore, new consumables that make you invisible to your enemies, and pets that you carry with you wherever you go. It also removes a number of popular items from the game to make room for others.

How to use Portrait Mode like a pro


The iPhone 7 Plus will completely change your photos.
The iPhone 7 Plus will completely change your photos.
Photo: Apple

Portrait Mode has quickly become the standout feature on the iPhone 7 Plus. When you get the new dual-lens camera in the hands of pro photographers, it’s not hard to see why.

Apple published a new guide today that reveals how photographers are using the new Portrait Mode. Most of the tips are pretty simple and can be mastered quickly.

Here’s how to get the most out of Portrait Mode with iPhone 7 Plus.

The Meme Awakens with hilarious remixed Star Wars trailers


If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube
If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube

We’ll admit it: we were all squeeing like fanboys when we saw the official trailer for the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We may have watched it quite a bit more than once, but the YouTubers below have taken their fandom to another level, with some really well crafted remixes of the official short film.

Check out trailers below starring the cast of (and scenes directly from) the original trilogy, the trailer as Wes Anderson would do it, and a bizarre rendering of it all with pets in place of human actors. Oh, and there’s also the obligatory Lego version, as well, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

Photoshop Elements 12 Adds The Essential “Pet Eye Correction” Tool



There’s one feature in Adobe’s new Photoshop Elements 12 which demonstrates exactly the market that the app is aimed at: Pet Eye Correction. That’s right: if you’re the kind of person who takes flash photos of their pets with a shitty compact camera, and yet is willing to spend around $100 on an application which will help organize and edit your photos, then Elements 12 is for you.

iPhone-Controlled Pet Feeder Means You Never Need Care For Your Dog Again



Oh man, I love feeding pets, and they love it too. After your little friend has finally dragged you out of bed (by attacking your feet with sharp claws [cat] or nuzzling you with his disgusting wet nose [dog]), you both head to the kitchen together. He’s all around your ankles, excited for breakfast. And you? Totally up early – again! – and ready to make a delicious cup of coffee with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Now, though, there’s a new way to feed pooch or moggy: the Pintofeed. Here’s how the morning goes with a little iPhone-controlled automation:

Your loyal companion scratches at your closed door. You hear him and reach for your phone, irritated. You tap a button, and the Pintofeed in the kitchen dumps another load of dried meat pellets into its dusty bowl. Your pet goes to the kitchen, alone, and half an hour later you wake up, rush into your clothes and pick up a Starbucks on the way to work. Nice going, you lazy, selfish creep.

Videoconference With Your Dog Via iPhone Using This Bizarre Remote Treat Dispenser From Petzila


Where's the treat, dude?
Where's the treat, dude?

I love my pets, I do. I have two stubborn, cute, snorty little pugs and I consider them part of the family. That’s why I sort of snorted myself when I saw the IndieGogo project page for Petzila, an odd little videoconferencing gadget that purports to let you connect to your pampered pooch via the magic of the internet and your iPhone.

The Petzila lets you see and talk to your doggy friend, and even dispense a treat with a tap on your iPhone screen. How fun is that? It’s odd, is what it is, and while I’m sure my pugs would love a magical treat from the new box on the wall, I doubt they’d know what to do with the disembodied sound of my voice coming from the speaker on the thing.

Well, that’s not true. They’d probably end up doing what they do when I stick my head out the window to call them in. They’ll look around, not see me, and then ignore the heck out of me.