iPhone-Controlled Pet Feeder Means You Never Need Care For Your Dog Again



Oh man, I love feeding pets, and they love it too. After your little friend has finally dragged you out of bed (by attacking your feet with sharp claws [cat] or nuzzling you with his disgusting wet nose [dog]), you both head to the kitchen together. He’s all around your ankles, excited for breakfast. And you? Totally up early – again! – and ready to make a delicious cup of coffee with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Now, though, there’s a new way to feed pooch or moggy: the Pintofeed. Here’s how the morning goes with a little iPhone-controlled automation:

Your loyal companion scratches at your closed door. You hear him and reach for your phone, irritated. You tap a button, and the Pintofeed in the kitchen dumps another load of dried meat pellets into its dusty bowl. Your pet goes to the kitchen, alone, and half an hour later you wake up, rush into your clothes and pick up a Starbucks on the way to work. Nice going, you lazy, selfish creep.

Hey, he’s got a name you know.

I imagine that the name Pintofeed comes from “pint of feed,” which is about as impersonal as human/pet relationships can get. It’s a motorized box with an air-sealed storage hopper that opens to deliver a dose of “feed” at the touch of a smartphone-app button. And should lifting a single finger for the animal you love prove too much, you can set up a schedule – from the same app – to feed the poor thing automatically.

I wonder what the next step is here? Maybe we could have nutrients piped into us and electrical pads to stimulate our muscles, whilst holograms of the outside world are piped into our visual cortexes via a big metal rod that spikes into the brain. You know, just like the Matrix – except that your dog hates you.

The Pintofeed is available now, for just $150.

Source: Pintofeed

Via: Uncrate

  • ChrisLeSure

    As a cat owner, I could see this being useful for when I am away from the house for days at a time. It would be nice to remotely dispense food to my cat each morning/night rather than leave a gallon-sized mixing bowl filled with feed that inevitably is devoured within the first several hours of pouring. I’ll have to look into the product, but it would be interesting to see if this hooks up to a home network and allows for remote access. Either way, 150 bones is a tad steep for a robotic feed trough.

  • phlydude

    Good for cats, bad for dogs. Dogs are smart enough to get it open if they want something that bad…I just use a 10 gallon hopper feeder from Walmart and they dogs (3) eat as they wish. I don’t have a problem with them eating too much and they all share nicely from the same bowl. After they get used to having food whenever they want it, they don’t devour it all in one shot.

  • Eric

    lol. Talk about a market for lazy dog owners. Dog’s aren’t cats. They are a lot more responsibility. You can pretty much leave a cat for days. So long as it has food, water and a litter box. Dogs, you still need to walk them, and let them do their business outside. Dogs can go without eating for at least a couple of days, but they need water more than food. And they won’t drink stale water. They know the difference.

  • patrickahles

    Whoever “invented” this never trained a puppy… Both my dogs don’t come in the bedroom and they don’t dance around my feet in the kitchen. They wait until I fill their bowl and eat when I tell them to. It’s quite easy, but hey, it requires knowing how to train your dog and (some) time, the latter of which apparently nobody has enough of.