The Meme Awakens with hilarious remixed Star Wars trailers


If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube
If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube

We’ll admit it: we were all squeeing like fanboys when we saw the official trailer for the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We may have watched it quite a bit more than once, but the YouTubers below have taken their fandom to another level, with some really well crafted remixes of the official short film.

Check out trailers below starring the cast of (and scenes directly from) the original trilogy, the trailer as Wes Anderson would do it, and a bizarre rendering of it all with pets in place of human actors. Oh, and there’s also the obligatory Lego version, as well, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

This Wes Anderson-style take on the Star Wars universe is a film we’d love to see. With his film-festival cred and distinctive narrative voice, Anderson would be a perfect choice to direct Star Wars: The Indie Film.

However, since we’re getting a Star Wars sequel directed by none other than J.J. “Lens Flare” Abrams himself, this next trailer features plenty of those shiny bright lights that featured so prominently in earlier Abrams films, most notably Star Trek, the other “star” franchise.

While we’re imagining different directors at the helm of the anticipated sci-fi blockbuster, why not think about getting George Lucas himself to create a trailer, prequel style. This short film continues the work Lucas did in “re-imagining” the first three films by adding a ton of special effects, creatures, and even story beats (Han shot first, ok?), into everyone’s favorite films.

Here’s a fantastic shot for shot remake of the new trailer using only footage from the original trilogy. We’re pretty impressed at both the visual fidelity of the original shots as well as the obvious homage that Abrams and the trailer makers have created to the first and best films in the series.

File this one under bizarre recreations, with its starring cast of cats and dogs in the main roles. Heck, there’s even a Roomba filling in for the Millennium Falcon near the end for this cute short from The Pet Collective, called Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens (because of course it is).

What you see above is the result of 22 hours of work from the stop-motion genius of FinalFeature, a 17-year-old based in Hollywood who has quite a large set of short films to his credit. This one recreates the entire Force Awakens trailer in everyone’s favorite building toy, LEGO bricks.