Unbearably Cute (Or Sinister) iPhone-Powered Dogs



These iPhone-powered doggies are ridiculously cute. The little fellas use iPhones for their faces and brains, and can shuffle around the table (or neighborhood, we guess), barking, blinking and even sneezing. It’s a little like a virtual pet, only real.

The iPuppies, as they’re not called, come from Bandai, and I predict that they will sell a ton when they are launched in Japan on March 31st. The pooch can make over 100 different faces and uses the front-facing camera to react to the outside world. It will even interact with other iPhone dogs using Bluetooth, presumably overcoming their diminutive size through sheer numbers, and taking over the world.

There’s just one part that’s creepy. When the operator in the video swipes the face off one dog to access its control screen, it reminds me to Yul Brynner’s faceless cowboy android in West World. Just sayin, is all.

The price of the robots has yet to be confirmed, and a U.S launch is equally uncertain.

[Via Touch Arcade]