Photoshop Elements 12 Adds The Essential “Pet Eye Correction” Tool



There’s one feature in Adobe’s new Photoshop Elements 12 which demonstrates exactly the market that the app is aimed at: Pet Eye Correction. That’s right: if you’re the kind of person who takes flash photos of their pets with a shitty compact camera, and yet is willing to spend around $100 on an application which will help organize and edit your photos, then Elements 12 is for you.

Elements used to be a cut-down version of Photoshop, but over the years it has transformed into something almost entirely different, to the point where it is now like an amalgam of all iOS photo apps, all crammed into one place on your Mac.

Elements 12 integrates with Adobe’s Revel online sharing service, kind of like Photo Stream but harder to use, adds a straighten tool for drunkenly-shot horizons, plus a Content-Aware Move tool to shift things around in the frame without fussing with accurate selections.

There are also frames, effects and textures, and a tool to clean up scratches and blemishes in old photos you’ve scanned.

Plus Pet Eye Correction, of course:

Added in response to customer requests, Pet Eye provides an easy solution to the problem of flash reflection in animals’ eyes, which is not addressed by Red Eye correction technology

Essential stuff, I think you’ll agree, and it shows that Adobe is listening to its customers. Photoshop Elements 12 is available now, along with Premier Elements, the video version.

Source: Adobe