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Get Rid Of Open With… Right-Click Menu Duplicates [OS X Tips]


Get Rid Of Open With Duplicates

Tired of right-clicking (control-click or two-finger click on trackpads) on a file and seeing a ton of duplicates in the Open With… contextual menu pop up? Not only is it aesthetically annoying, it takes up valuable real estate on smaller screens, and makes you move your mouse cursor more than you should, which could lead to repetitive-stress injuries. Or, you know, a tired finger or three.

Anyway, if you want to get rid of those duplicates, try the following.

Switch Between Ten Different Docks [OS X Tips]


Dock Spaces

Dock Spaces allows users to have up to ten different customized docks, each with its own set of applications, documents and stacks. This simple shareware app will also let users set the preferences for each instance of Dock that they set up, including the size, position of the screen, and magnification.