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Old MacBook Pro Cost More Than Retina MacBook Pro With Same Specs



Apple really wants you to buy into their beautiful Retina display future. So much so, that if customers want to buy an old style MacBook Pro with the same specs as the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, they’re going to have to pay an extra $300 to get it. That extra $300 comes with an optical drive, one extra pound of aluminum, and a lower resolution screen, just so the fatty MacBook Pro can keep up with its slimmer sister everyone’s drooling over, but hey, at least you’ll still have an Ethernet port.


The Case For A MacBook Pro Without An Optical Drive


The MacBook Air quickly snatched away the title of world's thinnest notebook. Tapering down to an astonishing 0.16
Do we really need an optical drive anymore?

When Apple introduced the MacBook Air without an optical drive, everyone freaked out. “How on earth will we be able to watch all of our DVDs and listen to our CDs?” cried the internet. And sure, totally disowning physical media with a disk drive-less laptop may have been a little preemptive of Apple back in 2008, but the times have changed since then. We live in a world of digital media and digital software distribution. The success of services like Netflix and the Mac App Store proves that.

With rumors saying that Apple will introduce new and improved Macs in the coming weeks, what can we expect? Faster processors? Solid-state hard drives? Retina displays? While these features certainly seem to be on the table, there’s also the chance that Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro will sport significant physical changes. Namely, we could finally see the optical drive retire from the MacBook line once and for all.

Apple’s 15-Inch MacBook Air Set To Begin Shipping In March [Rumor]



Apple’s MacBook Air has been an incredibly popular machine since the company introduced solid-state drives as standard and reduced its price tag back in October 2010. But for some, it just doesn’t come big enough.

However, dreams of a 15-inch model are about to come true, according to sources in Apple’s supply chain. And it’ll be here by March 2012.

Add a Second Hard Drive to Your New Mac Mini With This Kit from iFixit



Following the launch of the new Mac mini earlier this year, the guys over at iFixit performed their customary teardown and revealed that the eradication on the system’s optical drive leaves room for a second hard drive. In order to make installing your own a great deal easier, iFixit has launched an awesome little kit that provides everything you need for the job.