How to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for free


How to watch ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ for free
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be broadcast on PBS, and it’ll be available on the Apple TV app for free. Here’s how to watch it.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

There’s good news for fans of the Peanuts holiday specials. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is available free through the Apple TV app. That gives many opportunities to watch Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty and Marcie act out The Courtship of Miles Standish.

Here’s how to watch it on a variety of devices, including Windows, Roku, etc., starting on Wednesday, November 25.

Apple teams with PBS to broadcast beloved Peanuts holiday specials


Apple will let PBS broadcast ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ for everyone to see.
Everyone can watch a broadcast of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on PBS. No computer required.
Photo: Apple

Apple has an answer for all who want to watch Peanuts specials on regular TV. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving debuts Wednesday for Apple TV+ subscribers, but it’ll also be broadcast later this month on PBS stations across the US. The companion special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, will also appear on Apple’s streaming service as well as PBS stations in December.

Apple TV+ recently acquired the rights to all Peanuts holiday specials. The deal brought loud criticism when It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown didn’t appear on broadcast TV for the first time in decades, but only online. The team up with PBS is apparently Apple’s fix.

First HomePod mini reviews: Superior audio that’s better late than never


First HomePod mini reviews: Better late than never
Early reviews say the HomePod mini punches above its weight.
Photo: Apple

The first HomePod mini reviews almost universally praise the tiny smart speaker for outstanding audio quality. A wave of superlatives like “impressively powerful,” and even “startling” make HomePod mini sound like a total champ.

Across the board, the reviewers say Apple’s new $99 smart speaker offers stiff competition to other devices in that price range. And beyond audio, they deliver surprisingly positive assessments of the HomePod mini’s design and features. Even Siri earns accolades!

Save 15% on these luxury, handmade leather bands for Apple Watch


Form Function Form bands for Apple Watch
An Apple Watch band made just for you.
Photo: Form Function Form

Treat yourself to one of the best Apple Watch upgrades money can buy: A luxury leather band made just for you by the fine folks at Form Function Form. You can now get 15% off the entire lineup in the Cult of Mac Store’s Halloween Sale.

This limited-time sale must end this weekend, so enjoy it while you can.

On the Rocks is a warmhearted comedy about all kinds of infidelity [Apple TV+ review]


Rashida Jones and Bill Murray in On The Rocks
Rashida Jones and Bill Murray On The Rocks.
Photo: Apple TV+

On the Rocks, the first Apple TV+ arthouse film, is an extremely winning combination of midlife crisis, comedy of remarriage, and road-trip movie.

Writer/director Sofia Coppola’s charmingly cynical, shaggy-dog anti-romance — which stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, and debuts today on Apple TV+ after a brief theatrical release — is a smart step toward filling out the streaming service’s growing library of original movies.

Faster Apple TV hardware might not arrive before 2021


Expect a significant Apple TV hardware update in 2021.
A significantly better Apple TV is in development. But it won‘t be out in November.
Photo: Apple

A rumored Apple TV with more of a focus on gaming allegedly won’t be out before the end of 2020. It’ll be a significant upgrade, with new features beyond a performance bump.

But it’s probably not on the list of devices to expect at an anticipated Apple November product launch event.

10 awesome accessories for your new Apple Watch


Treat your new Apple Watch to some of the best accessories!
Photo: Juuk

Now that you’ve got your shiny new Apple Watch, you’ll want some great accessories to go with it. A sturdy charging stand, essential protection, and a selection of great bands are all must-haves.

We’ve rounded up 10 awesome accessories for any new Apple Watch owner to help get your collection started. They’re some of our favorite items available right now, and they’re all nicely priced.

Apple Watch Series 6: Color us impressed [Review]


Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Almost all the reviews of the Apple Watch Series 6 say the same thing: Yeah, it’s great, but it’s an incremental upgrade, and if you already have a Series 5, skip the upgrade.

That’s sage advice, I guess, especially in the middle of a crushing pandemic that’s ruined the economy, left millions unemployed, and has lots of people thinking carefully about their expenses.

But I say stuff it!

If you have the money, run out and buy the latest Apple Watch. It’s frickin’ amazing! It blows my mind that you can have a mini-iPhone strapped to your wrist that can make phone calls, pay for groceries, give directions, monitor your blood and heart, and so, so much more. It’s a technological marvel, my favorite gadget — and it could possibly save my life.

How to leave the iOS 14, iPadOS 14 beta programs


How to iPadOS 14
Now that the beta program isn't necessary, it's a good time to leave.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 on its way to all, you no longer need to be enrolled in Apple’s beta program to get your hands on them. In fact, it’s a good idea to leave the program now that it’s not necessary.

While you have a beta profile still installed on your device, you will miss out on public releases that could include important fixes and security patches. We’ll show you how to easily remove it.

First Tiny World trailer promises big adventures on Apple TV+


Ant-Man is the perfect narrator for Tiny World, an upcoming Apple TV+ nature documentary.
Ant-Man is the perfect narrator.
Image: Apple TV+

Little critters face enormous challenges in the first trailer for Tiny World, a new nature documentary series coming to Apple TV+.

The trailer, released Thursday, shows small creatures on land, at sea and in the air as they struggle to survive in a world filled with threats both large and small. As is the way with all successful trailers, the eye-grabbing footage makes the tiny beings’ encounters look larger than life.