Give your computer a checkup from the neck up [Deals]


Keep your Mac's drive humming and healthy with this powerful diagnostic and repair tool.
Keep your Mac's drive humming and healthy with this powerful diagnostic and repair tool.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Macs are complex machines, but in some ways they’re a bit like people. Everything they can do relies on a healthy, uncluttered hard drive; the “brains” of the operation. But you can’t take your Macbook to a psychologist (unless that’s your thing), so instead you’ll want a utility app like Drive Genius.

Hands on with Ottm’s wonderful wooden Apple Watch bands [Video]


The Ottm wooden Apple Watch band in Gabonese Zebrawood.
Photo: Ottm

In the world of watch straps, we think Ottm, a manufacturer of wooden Apple Watch bands, offers one of the best unboxing experiences.

The box itself is plain and simple, but the package is thoughtfully designed, containing extra links and a pin removal tool that makes it very easy to adjust your new band.

The bands are awesome, too. Made from zebrawood and/or sandalwood, each hand-finished strap is eye-catching, comfortable and unique.

We made a video to show you what to expect. And, check out Ottm’s wooden Apple Watch bands in the Watch Store.

4 tools that make iPhone a better road warrior [Deals]


Auto Roundup Collage
Perfect for those long commutes or road trips, these four gadgets will make driving a bit more fun.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your iPhone makes daily life a lot easier. But when driving, the most you can expect is getting directions. That’s why we’ve rounded up four awesome iPhone car accessories. From smart license plates to wireless charging, speed trap detectors and more, there’s something in here for anyone who wants their phone to be a true road companion. Read on for more details.

Apple Watch just got way more stylish for Valentine’s Day


We love the high quality of Bezel & Bytes' genuine leather Apple Watch bands with added bling. All hardware is stainless steel and nickel-free.
Photo: Bezels & Bytes

With Valentine’s Day just a little over a week away, finding a unique gift for your favorite female tech-lover just got a bit easier. Gift her with a beautifully made Apple Watch band designed for women by women.

Bezel’s & Bytes transforms Apple Watch into jewelry with its decidedly-female collection of metal-accented bands that’ll go seamlessly from work to a night out.

Bezels & Bytes bands include beautiful packaging, making the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those female tech-lovers out there. Take a look in our Watch Store.

Apple’s big plans for iOS 12, this week on The CultCast


CultCast 321
iOS 12 is up for some big changes.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s got big plans for iOS 12, and we’ll tell you all about them this week on The CultCast. Plus: New details tell us more about 2018’s iPhone X Plus; Nintendo says a new Mario Kart is coming to iOS; Apple works to bring iPad apps to Mac; and don’t miss our review of the Elgato Stream Deck, a must-have accessory for you Twitch, Mixer and YouTube streamers.

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Catch the weird, wonderful and wacky gadgets of CES 2018, on The CultCast


This ping pong machine is part cyborg, part Forrest Gump.
Photo: Engadget

This week, on a jam-packed, tech-tastic episode of The CultCast: We’ll tell you the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful products revealed at CES 2018, the world’s craziest consumer electronics show. We’ve dug deep to bring you some strange ones!

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Juuk’s aluminum Apple Watch band goes rose gold [Watch Store]


juuk ligero
The Ligero Apple Watch band is built from robust 6061 series aluminum — the same aluminum used in the aircraft, automotive, boating and diving industries.
Photo: Courtesy of Juuk

Juuk’s Rainbow Ligero Apple Watch band is very popular with Cult of Mac readers. The limited-edition aluminum Apple Watch band flew off the virtual shelves of our Watch Store for its striking colors and quality engineering.

The entire Ligero collection also made our top 10 best Apple Watch Series 3 bands. It’s time to introduce the latest must-have finish: Rose Gold.

This band joins a lineup of 10 vibrant colors, five of which are on sale now. Have a look at the Rose Gold, and check out the entire Ligero collection in our Watch Store.

Best docks to cradle your iPhone 8 or iPhone X


Your new iPhone deserves a dock that's equally as beautiful.
Photo: Grovemade/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new iPhones are its most beautiful yet. And as such, they deserve to be docked in nothing but the finest cradles ever crafted.

Find the perfect dock can be a bit of challenge considering there are a dizzying array of options to choose from. Not all docks are created equal though, so we’ve rounded up the best options for users of all budgets.

These are the docks you should buy: