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MyWi Internet Tethering Utility Gets Support For Devices Running iOS 5.1.1 [Jailbreak]


MyWi allows you to share your iPhone's data connection with other devices over Wi-Fi.
MyWi allows you to share your iPhone's data connection with other devices over Wi-Fi.

If you love tethering your iPhone to other devices to share its 3G (or fake “4G”) data connection, but you hate paying the additional fees demanded by your carrier, then you’re likely to be a MyWi user. MyWi is an incredibly popular utility for jailbroken iOS devices that allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot without activation from your carrier.

Those who recently upgraded to iOS 5.1.1 to take advantage of the Absinthe 2.0 untethered jailbreak will be pleased to know that MyWi has now been updated to support this release.

MyWi Update Brings iOS 5 Compatibility, Faster Speeds, Wi-Fi Sharing & More [Jailbreak][Update]


The latest MyWi update brings free (but illegal) tethering to iOS 5.
The latest MyWi update brings free tethering to iOS 5.

MyWi is widely regarded as one of the best jailbreak utilities for the iPhone, allowing users to turn their smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share its data connection with other devices without paying additional carrier charges. Its latest 5.5 update brings iOS 5 compatibility (finally!), faster speeds, Wi-Fi sharing, and more.

AT&T Will Force Unlimited Jailbreak Tetherers To Upgrade On August 11th, Here’s How To Thwart Them



AT&T is informing jailbreak tetherers on grandfathered unlimited data plans that either they stop tether or sign up for 2GB tethering plan. If you don’t abide, AT&T will sign you up for a 2GB tethering plan and kill your grandfathered unlimited data plan for good.

A thorny wicket. It’s probably not fair to congest AT&T’s networks by sucking up data from your iPhone to play World of Warcraft on your MacBook Pro without, you know, paying for it, but if you’re intent on doing so, there may be a way to avoid AT&T’s scrutiny, keep tethering through your jailbroken iPhonei, and keep your unlimited data plan, all at the same time.

FaceTime: Do You Use It? [Video]



FaceTime was one of the many new features to the iPhone 4 (as well as the iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2). It has also made its way to Mac OS X via a stand-alone application. It’s been almost a year since this feature was unveiled. How often do people use it? What was their most memorable moment?

‘PdaNet’ Updated to Hide Tethering from Carriers



Popular jailbreak tool PdaNet has just been updated to introduce a nice new feature that hides iPhone tethering usage from its carrier. The update comes as AT&T begins a crackdown on customers who illegally use their device’s data connection without paying for a tethering plan.

To identify illegal tethering, AT&T looks at the type of packets hitting its network; any packet that doesn’t come from an iPhone is checked and warnings are then sent to the offenders informing them they must cease their wrongdoing or be billed for their use.

PdaNet’s new feature works by masking those packets and making the carrier believe they’re coming from an iPhone, and that all of their subscribers are being good boys and girls.

AT&T cracking down on jailbreak tethering? [UPDATE]



Here’s something sort of unexpected… A few people have received text messages from AT&T saying that, to tether a smartphone to a computer, it requires a tethering plan. The ones who’ve received these messages are all jailbroken, and use MyWi, a jailbroken application to allow Internet tethering over WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth, for their Internet tethering needs.

Continue reading to find out more about this.

MyWi 4.0 : Create a Wireless Hotspot on Your iPad [How To]



The MyWi app by Intelliborn has been one of the biggest reasons to jailbreak an iOS based device. With the latest 4.0 release, creating a wireless hotspot has never been easier. For a one-time fee of $19.99 you can turn your stingy 3G iPad into a wireless hotspot capable of sharing your 3G connection with as many devices as you wish. I’ll show you how after the break.

Top 5 Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad



Some people are hesitant to jailbreak anything because they worry it will ruin their device. Think of jailbreaking as an addition to your device and not a substitution. Jailbreaking is the only way to unlock some awesome features on your iPad. Earlier this week I walked you through on how to jailbreak your iPad using the Spirit jailbreak. Now I will tell you why you should jailbreak your iPad.