Be A Handyman Anywhere With The MacGyver-Approved iPhone 5/5S Case [Deals]



Your iPhone is indispensable. You carry it all the time and it makes your life a whole lot easier due to its versatility and power. But what about when you need to fix your bike, tighten a screw, or cut your steak? Is there an app for that?

No…but there is a case for that.

Introducing The TaskOne Case, a multi-tool built right into an iPhone 5/5S case. With 22 tools plus dual kickstands engineered into an ultra-compact package, TaskOne is the ultimate iPhone case for the nature enthusiast, gadget lover, or handyperson. and for a limited time you can get the TaskOne for 35% off the regular price – just $64.99.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Toolbox With The Multi-Tool iPhone 5/5S Case [Deals]



This Cult of Mac Deals offer features an addition to your arsenal that MacGyver would be proud of.

The team at IN1 must’ve had these words in mind when designing this product, because prepared is what you’ll be with this veritable Swiss Army Knife of iPhone cases.
Combining sleek design with multi-tool functionality, The Multi-Tool iPhone 5/5S Case is a modern solution for life’s little emergencies. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $35.99 – a savings of 28%!