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Time magazine picks 3 Apple products as best gadgets of the decade


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iPad obviously makes the list (but Apple Pencil doesn't).
Photo: Apple

Time magazine’s pick of the “10 best gadgets of the 2010s” is out, and perhaps unsurprisingly, three of them are Apple products.

iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods were all chosen as some of the “most important and influential gadgets” of the decade. Other products include the Nintendo Switch, Tesla Model S, and the Amazon Echo.

Tesla electric car can now (almost) drive itself


Now every Tesla Model will be able to kind of drive itself!
Now every Tesla Model will be able to kind of drive itself!
Photo: Christopher Dorobek/FlickrCC

If you’re one of the lucky owners of Tesla’s super-awesome electric cars, you’re also might be one of the fortunate few that get to experience the future today.

Tesla just rolled out an over-the-air update that pushed out a semi-autonomous feature to all of its cars made and sold in the U.S. The roll-out could take up to a week.

Will you get to sit back, sipping a martini while your robot car takes you to your dentist appointment? Not yet, says company CEO Elon Musk.

“It works almost to the point where you can take your hands off,” Musk told Wired, “but we won’t say that. Almost.”

DAS Keyboard Is To Your iMac What The Apple Extended Keyboard II Was To Your Macintosh SE



Although I’ve always been delighted with my Apple USB Keyboard, but some people live and die by the clickety-clack. For some QWERTY warriors, in fact, things never got better than the vintage old IBM Model M, a platonic ideal of a mechanical keyboard.

DAS has been trying to appeal to the vintage old IBM Model M crowd for a couple years now with their fantastic series of DAS Keyboards, but those beautiful accessories — while admittedly both beautiful and satisfying to type on — weren’t strictly Mac compatible.

Now that’s all changed. Meet the DAS Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac, and it not only will help old Model M-ers make the switch… it should even please vintage Mac users who have been missing their old Apple Extended Keyboard II.