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Make Your Mac Even More Secure With A Firmware Password [OS X Tips]



You probably have a regular login password for your Mac, which you type in when installing software or maybe even when you deactivate the screensaver. It’s fairly secure, but there are indeed ways around it.

If a malicious person with physical access to your Mac wants to get at your data, they can simply boot into a different mode, like Recovery Mode, Single User Mode or Verbose Mode. Or, they can boot your Mac using a USB drive and get around the password that way.

Setting a firmware password will add another, lower level of security to your Mac, and will make it so anyone who wants to boot into an alternate mode will need your second password. It’s fairly easy to enable, too.

How To Rearrange The Order Of Accounts In Mavericks Mail App [OS X Tips]


Mail App Order

When you create a new email message in OS X Maverick’s Mail app, you can choose–assuming you have more than one email account in there–which account you’re sending the email from. For example, you might want to send an email from your work account rather than your personal one if it’s work related, and vice versa if it’s about a party you’ve recently attended.

The problem is, when you choose from the drop-down menu in the mail composition window, the account you want to send from may not be in the top spot. It might be a couple of slots down the list. If you want to rearrange the order of these accounts, you can search in the Mail preferences until the cows come home because the ability to do so just isn’t in there.

It is, however, possible to do.

CrossOver 13 Lets You Install Windows Apps On Your Mac Without Boot Camp [Review]



Thanks to the rise of the iPhone and iPad, Windows users are switching over the Mac in greater number than ever. If you’ve spent your entire computer life playing in Windows, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few apps in your toolkit that are Windows-only and letting them go during the switch ain’t easy.

For those Mac users that are having trouble letting go, but don’t want to throw down money on a new Windows-license just to use a couple apps, CrossOver 13 for Mac will let you install and run popular Windows software without having to reboot into a separate Windows partition.

The New Year’s Mac Bundle: 9 Powerful Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity [Deals]



The end of the year is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start thinking about levelling up for the year ahead. Their are several apps available for the Mac that can help you do that, and Cult of Mac Deals has put together a bundle that takes some of these apps and packages them together at a very attractive price.

With The New Year’s Mac Bundle, you’ll get 9 helpful apps for one incredibly low price of $14.99. That’s 90% off – which works out to just over a dollar per app!

Apple Brings Mail Improvements To Mavericks With OS X 10.9.1 Update




Apple has released its first major update for OS X Mavericks today with OS X Update 10.9.1 that promises to fix many of the Mail issues users have experienced since upgrading to the new OS.

After spending over a month in beta the new update fixes issues with Gmail in OS X Mail if you’re using custom settings. Smart Mailboxes and search are also more reliable in the update and it fixes issues with contact groups not working properly along with improvements to Shared Links in Safari.

The free update is now available for Mac users in the Mac App Store or by check for software updates from your Apple menu.


Tear Off A Reminder To Your Desktop For A Quick Look [OS X Tips]


Reminder Tear Off

Reminders are delightful thing. Apple’s implementation syncs across the Mac to iPhones and iPads, and if you log in to iCloud.com, you can share Reminders with friends, family, co-workers, and the like. They’re super useful.

Sometimes, though, you might want to single out a specific Reminder for special attention. There’s really no starring system or tagging available within Reminders itself, so you’ll have to get creative.

Get Live Traffic And Other Road Information In Maps In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Traffic Info Maps Mavericks

Sure, you can open up Apple’s Maps app on your iPhone (or iPad, but really, who does that?) and enable live traffic information with a tap or two. It’s super helpful while you’re on the road, and helps you avoid the nasty traffic snarls that might be up ahead.

But what if you’re planning a trip from your Mac running Mavericks? Shouldn’t you be able to access that kind of data on your Mac?

Well, you can! Mavericks makes it super easy to enable, too.