Long-Click On Mavericks Notifications To Choose Length Of Snooze


Introducing the Long Click
Introducing the Long Click

Here’s a neat tip for OS X Mavericks users. It lets you choose how long a Notification Center alert goes away for when you snooze it.

I’ll keep it short and sweet: when a notification pops up with the option to snooze it, you can long-click on it and a menu will pop up offering a variety of snooze options, from one minute to one week. This is way more useful than the default, which is… actually, what is the default?

Aside from excellent functionality, this also marks a further iOS-ification of OS X, in the form of the long click[1], which is now – apparently – a thing. This used to be the preserve of option-clicks, but ⌥-clicking the Snooze button doesn’t work (I tried).

A great tip, and one which will make me actually use my alerts on my Mac now.

Source: OS X Hints

  1. You can also find them in iTunes.  ↩