Mavericks Might Be Free, But Running OS X Server On Mavericks Still Costs


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With Apple disrupting the entire desktop operating system business by releasing OS X Mavericks for free, there is still at least one Mac operating system that Apple is still selling. Even more curiously, it’s a variant on OS X Mavericks… OS X Server for Mavericks.

Available for $19.99 from the Mac App Store, OS X Server runs like an app on top of Mavericks.

Here’s some of what you get: server-strength file sharing, email service, contact, calendar and database publishing, support for PostgreSQL for SQL databases, Apache web server access and much, much more.

New to OS X Server for Mavericks, though, is Xcode Server, which makes it easier to use OS X Server as a developer as part of a work group. There’s also a new caching server that speeds up delivery of software distrubuted over Mavericks Server from the App Store, Mac App Stpre and iTunes. Profile Manager also got an overhaul, which simplifies the delivery of apps and books.

You can purchase OS X Server for Mavericks from the link below.

Source: iTunes

  • David Urban

    i have no problems with paying $20 for the server update. I wish that my networked clients could use icloud’s documents and data. it is grayed out in the icloud preference pane. was the same way with ML.

  • SteveNoisy

    “With Apple disrupting the entire desktop operating system business by releasing OS X Mavericks for free…”


    What about Windows 8.1? That’s free. And its as big an update -if not bigger, than Mavericks. Plus Windows 8 usage has already far surpassed that of OS X.

    And how does this disrupt anything other than current Mac owners? OS X can only be installed on a Mac. This free update is irrelevant for 95% of personal computer users.

    Furthermore, let’s not forget to mention that Linux has been free forever.

    Talk about bias.

  • MartyF81

    Talk about bias.

    You know this is a Mac/Apple site right?

    8.1 is free because Microsoft screwed up and fell in a big hole with Win 8 that nobody was ready for, so they had to go back and put stuff in that should have been in 8.0 but they tried to hard to revolutionize an OS in 1 version instead of easing people into it. Come back and make this same comment when Microsoft gives away Win 9 for free. (which they won’t because their entire business model is based on licensing software).

    Bringing up Linux as a viable general desktop OS for the public is laughable… and this is coming from me a Linux user.

    When you can walk in to Best Buy and pick up a Machine with Linux on it then Linux can sit at the big boy table. Until then it is regulated to the little kids table that Geeks and Hardcore users sit at. Linux is “Free” because nobody would use it otherwise. And it really isn’t “Free” anyway. They make their money by anciliary services, software, and support models. Windows you “Pay” for the software, but get “Free” support. Linux the software is “Free”, but you “Pay” for the support. 6 to one, half dozen to another.