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Airmail For Mac Updated For Mavericks With Quick Reply From Notifications & More



Airmail, the wonderful third-party email client for Mac, which we’ve written about a number of times here on Cult of Mac, has today been updated with a whole host of new features and improvements for OS X Mavericks. In addition to quick reply from notifications, the release also adds new icons for the Notification Center, offline editing, local drafts and sent folders, and lots more.

When you receive new mail notifications from Airmail, you can quickly send short replies from the notification banner itself. Apple previewed this feature with iMessage notifications during its iPad event earlier this week, and Airmail has become one of the first third-party apps to take advantage of it.

In addition to this, the update adds new icons for Notification Center, optimizations for Apple’s latest Mavericks update, full keyboard navigation, and offline editing. The full list of additions and changes includes:

New Mavericks Interactive Quick reply in notification
New Mavericks icons in notification Center
New Mavericks Specific optimization
New Full Keyboard navigation
New Offline editing
New Local Draft
New Local Sent
New Quick cancel sending
New Always Expand Quote
New Quote layout
New Selection detection

Improved Bullet List
Improved Visual Layout
Improved Exchange Auto discovery
Improved IMAP-SMTP Account Detection

Fixed SSL IMAP Login
Fixed Pop in Multi account
Fixed Exchange fetch
Fixed Signature Selection
Fixed Exchange 2007 send messages
Fixed Exchange Sync Fetch issues messages
Fixed support T-Online
Fixed support GMX
Fixed Encoding on asiatic languages
Fixed Exchange 2007-2010
Fixed Exchange Sync issues
Fixed Exchange Conversation
Fixed Calendar Invites not displayed correctly
Fixed encoding issues
Fixed Alias sending
Fixed several issues on detection connections

Fixed Print Tab in PDF
Fixed AOL detection
Fixed Markdown composer window
Fixed Rendering of missing random space char
Fixed recognize or some not US Hotmail/Live accounts
Fixed SMTP Fix on not unauthanticated servers

General Fix and improvements

The latest Airmail update is available to download now from the Mac App Store. It’s free to existing users, or just $1.99 for new customers. That’s an incredible price for such an awesome app, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Source: Mac App Store