Activate Emoji And Other Special Characters In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Emoji Shortcut

In case you missed it, OS X Mavericks came out yesterday and it’s free. If you’ve downloaded the latest operating system from our fine friends in Cupertino, then you’ll be able to check out this neat little tip.

We all love emoji, right? Those cute little emoticons came into vogue for iOS a while back, and then were rolled into Apple’s mobile operating system as a special keyboard. They’re also avaialable in OS X Mavericks, and you can pull them up with very little effort, in almost any app.

When you’re typing along, hit the keyboard combination Control-Command-Space. You’ll get a popup window that shows you all the Emoji and other special characters available to you in that app. You can click along the bottom to show the faces, animals, flowers, city icons, and the rest. The clock fact to the far left will let you access recently chosen Emoji icons, as well, just like iOS does.

Now you can populate your Messages, Tweets, and text documents with all the fun little Emoji emoticons you’ve grown dependent on on your iPhone and iPad. Hooray!

Via: MacStories