How to watch March Madness games on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV


How to watch March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.
Here's how to watch March Madness games on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
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By Chris Brantner, guest blogger

March Madness is upon us. For the next month, college basketball will take over the sports world, and fans can catch all the action on their Apple devices. Whether you’re a cable subscriber or a cord cutter, here’s how to watch March Madness games on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

How to catch March Madness with Facebook Messenger


basketball hoop by JD Starnia facebook messenger basketball game
Are you ready to hoop it up in Messenger, or whatever they're calling it these days?
Photo: JD Starnia/Pixabay. Licensed under CC0 1.0

Maybe you’ve heard of a little sportsball contest that’s starting this week, and maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, just know that that’s why your neighbors are going to be shouting like maniacs for the next few weeks.

My loud, a-hole neighbors aren’t the only ones excited about March Madness; Facebook’s Messenger app is also getting into the spirit with a hidden game that will test your skill, precision, and tolerance of emojis.

Here’s how to play.

March Madness app brings split-screen glory to Apple TV


Apple TV is the home of March Madness.
Apple TV is the home of March Madness.
Photo: Cult of Mac

When the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship tips off on March 15th hoops fans will have an all-new way to get their fix using Apple TV.

The new March Madness Live streaming app will contain an exclusive Apple TV feature that lets users watch two games side-by-side, but you’ll need to be a paying TV subscriber to use it.

The best March Madness apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac


March Madness is here. Will your bracket survive? Photo: Cult of Mac

It’s that time of year when office work comes to a standstill for weeks thanks to the NCAA’s annual celebration of sweat, leather and nylon nets. The brackets have been set and teams are en route to play the 67 basketball games that will take place over the next few weeks, with Kentucky being the undisputed favorite to walk away with a perfect season.

Thanks to the glories of technology, you can follow all the action this year even if you don’t have a cable subscription. With the right combo of apps, you can get expert insight into your favorite Cinderella team, watch every game — and maybe even pick the perfect bracket.

Dominate March Madness this year with these apps for Mac and iOS:

How To Keep Up With March Madness On Your iPhone, iPad, And Mac



It’s that time of year when office work comes to a stand still for weeks thanks to the NCAA’s annual celebration of sweat, leather, and nylon nets. The first games have just gotten underway and thanks to the glorious blessings of technology there are more ways to follow the March Madness action than ever before.

Here’s how to keep track of your favorite teams and your brackets on your iPhone, iPad and Mac:

“NCAA March Madness Live” Brings Tournament Games To iOS Devices [Video Review]



Now that the month of March is finally upon us college basketball fans have more to cheer about. The app NCAA March Madness Live gives fans the ability to watch tournament games live, see stats, create brackets and so much more. Will NCAA March Madness Live become your go-to app during the big tournament?

Take a look at NCAA March Madness Live and find out what you think.

This is a Cult Of Mac video review of the multi-platform application NCAA March Madness Live brought to you by Joshua Smith of “TechBytes W/Jsmith.”