This Fabulous iPad-Controlled Mansion Can Be Yours For Only $22 Million



Apple Fanboy One Percenters (if such a thing exists) looking for new real estate might be tempted to scoop up the open condo next to Tim Cook, but if you’re looking for something more high-tech, with a bigger price tag, this iPad-controlled mansion in Newport Beach, California just came on the market, and it’ll only set you back $22 million.

It’s a mansion worthy of Fortune Cookie himself thanks to incredible beachfront views. And it fits in with Apple’s push for green renewable energy as 95% of its electricity is supplied by a gigantic solar panel in the backyard.

Check it out:

Steve Jobs’ Historic Woodside Mansion Is Demolished


A chandelier inside Steve Jobs’ abandoned mansion. Photo by Jonathan Haeber, Bearings.
Inside Steve Jobs’ abandoned mansion. @Photo Jonathan Haeber, Bearings.

Demolition crews have begun tearing down Steve Jobs’ ramshackle mansion in Woodside.

Preservationists had wanted the historic mansion saved but Jobs wants to build a smaller, modern residence on the property. The 86-year mansion was subject to a long legal battle, which Jobs eventually won. Jobs famously lived in the mansion during the ’80s. It was empty of furniture and he neglected to mow the lawn.

The San Francisco Chronicle talked to a local resident and got a great quote from Jobs’ attorney:

“I just heard a bunch of noise up there and saw it going on,” said Greg Moretti, 37, of Woodside. “Whatever side of the demolition debate you are on, it’s hard to deny that what we are witnessing here today is the loss of a significant piece of California architectural history.”

Jobs’ attorney, Howard Ellman, said, “He applied to demolish the house, we got the house demolition permit, and the demolition started today. What more can I say?”

For a good look on just how run down the mansion was, check out Jonathan Haeber’s amazing photos.