Expect a more powerful Mac mini Pro this fall


Apple Mac mini
The 2018 Mac mini Pro is rumored to be much powerful than the "current" model, which hasn't been updated in almost four years.
Photo: Apple

The last time Apple gave any love to the Mac mini was way back in 2014. But a refresh is reportedly coming.

This inexpensive macOS desktop is apparently popular with developers and server farms. The 2018 mini is supposedly being created with these professionals in mind.

macOS Mojave plays nicer with Outlook than ever


macOS Mojave beta 6 includes an improved Migration Assistant. Meanwhile beta 5 was released to the public.
Photo: Apple

The tool Apple built to help Windows users switch to a Mac underwent significant improvements in the latest beta of maxcOS Mojave. It can now transfer accounts and documents from Microsoft Outlook.

This is the major change in macOS Mojave beta 6, which was released to developers yesterday. 

The Mac needs this amazing new font menu right now


Sam William Smith's new font menu design is simple, and perfect.
Sam William Smith's new font menu design is simple, and perfect.
Photo: Sam William Smith

If you do any work with fonts on the Mac whatsoever, you will have run up against the font picker. It’s a piece of design that dates back to when the Mac only came with a black-and-white screen, and yet it’s still the only way to select a font on an Apple computer. That wouldn’t be so bad if it was a good design, but it’s not. The macOS font picker is little more than a drop-down menu. Worse, it’s a drop-down menu that changes every time you use it.

You can use the Mac’s font panel in some apps, but even then you’re faced with long and confusing lists.

Sam William Smith, a designer from Glasgow, Scotland, decided to do something about this. He completely redesigned the Mac font menu, and it’s great.

You won’t believe how many people are using Apple beta software


notification centre iOS 12
Have you upgraded early to iOS 12?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple warns us that its beta releases should not be installed on our primary devices. Until just a few years ago, it only allowed registered developers to download them. But that doesn’t stop keen Apple fans from updating early to get their hands on its latest features.

You won’t believe how many people are already running the next versions of macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS months before their public debut.

MacOS is a hellstew of error messages, says new Chromebook ad


Chromebook ad
Is this your experience of using macOS? Google suggests it is.
Photo: Google

Tensions between Google and Apple may have cooled since Steve Jobs declared “thermonuclear war” on the search giant, but that doesn’t mean hostilities have ceased altogether.

In its latest Chromebook commercial, Google fires shots at both Apple and fellow tech giant Microsoft. Both companies are mocked for the error messages their operating systems supposedly bombard customers with, and more. Chromebooks, on the other hand, represent, “a laptop you can count on.” Check the ad out below.

Apple seeds fourth macOS Mojave beta to developers


macOs Mojave
macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpapers are gorgeous.
Photo: Apple

The fourth beta of macOS Mojave is already here after Apple seeded a new update of the upcoming Mac update to developers this morning.

macOS Mojave is the first of Apple’s big 2018 software updates to get a fourth beta build. The company came out with iOS 12 beta 3 and macOS Mojave beta 3 less than two weeks ago, but some fresh fixes for the Mojave build is already here.