OS X has now outlasted Apple’s classic Mac OS


os x
OS X passed a major milestone this week.
Photo: Olarila

Call it macOS or OS X if you want, but today Apple’s Mac operating system passed a major milestone: overtaking Apple’s classic Mac OS by a single day.

Pointed out by Jason Snell of Six Colors, the original Mac operating system lasted 6,269 days from January 24, 1984 to March 24, 2001. The current operating system, meanwhile, has lasted from March 24, 2001 to the present day — a total of 6,270 days! Time sure flies, right?

Apple promises APFS support for Fusion Drives soon


Maybe look for it at WWDC.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple will share news regarding APFS for Mac Fusion Drives “very soon,” claims Apple’s software engineering VP, Craig Federighi.

Short for Apple File System, APFS was introduced with the arrival of macOS High Sierra. It’s optimized for modern Apple devices that increasingly rely on flash storage, but Apple’s Mac Fusion Drives — which combine regular hard disks with a small amount of flash storage — weren’t supported beyond the first few beta versions.

1Password 7 for Mac warns if you’ve been pwned


1Password 7 for Mac
There's a new Watchtower feature in 1Password 7 for Mac, and an improved 1Password mini.
Photo: AgileBits

1Password 7 for Mac notifes users of breaches, warn of bad habits, and highlights vulnerable passwords. 1Password mini has a new look, and there’s a new sidebar with a dark theme.

It’s the first really significant update in over two years.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia will march onto macOS this month


Total War
Coming soon to a Mac near you.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Fancy hurling yourself back in time to the British Isles, circa 878 AD? If so, and if you’re a fan of the battle-heavy strategy games, you may be pleased to hear that Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is coming to macOS this week.

Released on PC earlier this month, the game allows you to pick between the English, Welsh, Gaelic, or Vikings and battle for dominance. While you’re doing this, you’ll make and break alliances, build armies, and play your way through a number of different campaigns. Check out the trailer below.

Apple website celebrates accessibility for Global Accessibility Awareness Day


Apple accessibility homepage
The many ways in which Apple devices improve accessibility.
Photo: Apple

The Apple website has today been updated to highlight the accessibility features of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. The change is in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a yearly event that promotes digital access and inclusion for those with different disabilities.

Tweetbot 3 for Mac brings night mode and video previews


tweetbot 3 for mac
The Tweetbot you love, only better.
Photo: Tapbots

Tweetbot has long been our favorite third-party Twitter client for a whole bunch of awesome reasons — and now there’s even more. Tweetbot 3 today landed on macOS, bringing night mode, GIF and video previews, timeline filters, and more.

What’s more, developer Tapbots promises that Tweetbot will continue to work even if Twitter rolls out its controversial clampdown on unofficial apps.

How to protect your Mac, iPhone, iPad from Efail email exploit


EFAIL lets hackers read encrypted emails on your iPhone.
EFAIL lets hackers read encrypted emails on your iPhone.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Researchers in Europe have discovered a way to read the contents of encrypted emails sent with iOS and macOS devices. The so-called Efail exploit is significant enough that the Electronic Frontier Foundation calls it an “immediate risk.”

Apple is certainly working on a patches for all its devices, but there are ways to protect your laptop, phone and tablet now.

Signal for Mac messages set to disappear don’t always go away


macOS Notification Center is a security flaw for Signal for Mac
The Notification Center copies and stores messages from Signal for Mac, even if the text is set to disappear.
Screenshot: Patrick Wardle

One of the most appreciated features of Signal for Mac is that messages sent by this communication app can be set to automatically erase themselves. However, security researchers have found a flaw in the system.

The problem comes from the notifications macOS provides for incoming Signal messages.