This bundle of Mac apps is like a cybersecurity utility belt [Deals]


This bundle of 7 cyber security apps will bring you to Fort Knox levels of protection.
This bundle of seven cybersecurity apps will bring your Mac to Fort Knox levels of protection.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s hard to know if we’re doing enough to protect our online identities and data these days. Got an email password with a dozen alternating numbers, letters and an upside-down question mark but somehow your email still gets hacked? This bundle of seven cybersecurity apps will cover the vulnerabilities in your Mac. And right now the whole shebang is going for just $52 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Mac App Blocker Protects Your Apps [Deals]




We all—or should—password protect our Macs. Start up, login. Come out of sleep, login. Deactivate the screensaver, login (though technically that’s just unlocking). What about “fire up Chrome” or “start up Evernote”? We don’t usually think about entering a password to do those tasks. Maybe we should.

Mac App Blocker is, frankly, a new one on my. It’s an app that lets you set application passwords. Launch Mail, enter a password. Chrome…Evernote…Word… you get the idea. Interesting, huh?