The Morning Show showrunner discusses season 2 development


The Morning Show blitzes viewers with Apple product placement
The female characters of The Morning Show shine brightest.
Photo: Apple

With the fifth episode of The Morning Show landing on Apple TV+ this morning, attention is already turning to season number two.

Morning Show showrunner Kerry Ehrin revealed how the U.S. political landscape could impact some of the storytelling next season. While Trump and current political issues won’t be brought up, Ehrin says some political themes could be added to plot.

Stephen King on The Morning Show: ‘What’s not to like?’


Stephen King
The director of Maximum Overdrive loves The Morning Show.
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Unlike many critics, horror legend Stephen King seems to be enjoying new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show.

In a tweet early Monday, King praised the show as “instantly involving,” with “characters you care about.” “What’s not to like?” he wrote. Coming from the writer behind It, The Shining and Shawshank Redemption, that’s high praise.