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Keep your files safe and your internet borderless for life


Get a lifetime of safe files and open internet.
This awesome bundle will protect all of your files and data.
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People upload well over 600 billion photos to the internet every day, but when was the last time you saw a photo album or used a filing cabinet for current records? Keeping your internet working well, and your files secure, is a big part of many professional and personal lives, but finding reliable ways to get that done can prove frustrating.

If you want a trustworthy way to open the internet back up to you, and a secure place to keep your files, then you should check out The Lifetime Backup & Security Subscription Bundle. This bundle gives you a massive cloud backup and one of the best virtual private networks in the world, and right now it’s on sale for $89.99. And when you spend $50 or more, you’ll automatically get $10 back in store credit! 

This $90 bundle includes a top VPN and premium cloud storage for life


Get this backup & security bundle for its lowest price
Keep your files and your Apple devices safe forever with this two-for-one subscription.
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If you’re like us, your iPhone, Mac and iPad are jammed with precious digital files that took years to collect, but can take just a moment to get hacked. To keep that from happening, you can avail yourself of the Lifetime Backup and Security Subscription Bundle.

It includes everything you need to ensure you always have a backup of all your files — and that your internet connection is safe and secure.

This premium learning bundle includes a VPN subscription


rosetta stone
This premium learning bundle packs three apps guaranteed to make you more productive.
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This year we’ve spent a lot of time online. If you’re looking for something new and productive to do, jump on this Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Featuring Rosetta Stone.

It includes three different apps and tools that expand your knowledge in a variety of ways, from learning a new language to exposing you to new writing. And it even keeps you safe while you browse the web with a premium VPN subscription.

Save with Cyber Monday deals on tools for cloud storage and online security


Degoo Mega CoM
Save more than 90% on massive cloud storage deals and powerful VPNs, great gifts for anyone with a digital dimension to their life.
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Storage and security are among the most important resources in our digital lives. So we rounded up four great deals on massive cloud storage accounts and VPN protection, to make sure you stay safe, anonymous and never run out of space. Even better, they’re available at truly massive discounts. To save an additional 40% on apps and software, apply the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Round out your social distancing digital tool kit


Social Distancing
Squeeze more from your quarantine computer time, with lifetime language lessons, book summaries, and VPN protection.
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Staying in and away from others is part of many people’s daily lives at this point. We rounded up three great lifetime subscriptions that’ll help to make the most of the new normal, from language learning to speed reading and staying secure and anonymous online.

Guard your online anonymity with an easy-to-use VPN


KeepSolid VPN and DNS bundle: Keep your internet data private with these apps.
Keep your internet data private with lifetime subs to these apps.
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Going online is hazardous. Data snoops and identity thieves lurk around every corner. One easy way to avoid them — and beat annoying content restrictions — is by using a virtual private network. With this bundle, you get two forms of VPN protection for an 86% discount.

If you’ve been waiting to make your move on a VPN, this is your opportunity to bag a sweet deal on a lifetime subscription.